Look, the name’s so bad it actually irritates us, but Megaton Rainfall sounds super promising. Launching on the PlayStation 4 with full optional PlayStation VR support, the Pentadimensional Games developed superhero sim sees you assume the role of a superbeing who can scale the world (and eventually space) to halt an extraterrestrial threat.

But with great power comes great responsibility: every missed shot can cause human casualties, and so the game is balanced not by health bars, but by how heroic your actions are. To be honest, we’re not overly keen on the artstyle, but the technical accomplishment is impressive – and you just know the sense of scale is going to shine in virtual reality.

There’s good news if you own a PS4 Pro, too: the title will be rendered in full native 4K on Sony’s supercharged system. And whichever console you play it on, it’ll run at a sturdy 60 frames-per-second. Is this shaping up to be the ultimate Superman game? Wear your underwear on top of your tights in the comments section below.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]