Sony will hold a European press conference this year, as it’s revealed that it’ll be broadcasting live from the French capital as it holds its second ever Paris Games Week media briefing. The company skipped on a showcase in its most popular territory last year, favouring E3 and PlayStation Experience. We already know that PSX 2017 will take place in December, however, so it seems like it’s just got a lot to talk about this year.

The platform holder's Paris-based presser will take place on 30th October at 16:00 in the UK – or 17:00 across the channel. That means you’ll need to get up early if you’re in North America but, hey, no complaining – you should see the ungodly hours we have to deal with over here during E3.

At its previous Paris Games Week briefing, Sony revealed the likes of Gran Turismo Sport and Detroit: Become Human, in addition to several smaller games. We’d expect a similar showcase this year, perhaps centring on new PlayStation VR projects and European developed titles like Media Molecule’s missing in action Dreams. Of course, we’ll bring you all of the build-up and breaking news here at Push Square.