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  • News Monkey King: Hero Is Back Will Launch Exclusively on PS4 in the West

    Monkey business

    Monkey King: Hero Is Back – the curious collaboration between Sony, Hexa Drive, and October Media – will launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in the West as well as Asia, distributor Oasis Games has announced. Billed as the first Chinese AAA title, the release was revealed during the platform holder’s ChinaJoy 2017 press...

  • News PS4's Latest European Commercial Goes After Kids

    Play time

    This is interesting: a PlayStation 4 commercial targeted squarely at kids. Sony’s spent the past few years marketing the machine mostly at adults and core gamers, but it has hinted in recent interviews that it wants to widen the reach of the console as it pursues that all-important 100 million units milestone, and this is an example of...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 182

    Short but sweet

    It’s a brief WAYP this week as holidays take precedence at Push Square Towers. That means the emphasis is on you lovely lot to fill our comments section with as much content as you possibly can. So, what are you playing this weekend? Sammy Barker, Editor: I'm just hopping between several games at the moment as I wait for...

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  • Guide PS4 Games Release Dates 2017

    Every PlayStation 4 game confirmed for 2017 and beyond

    Updated (15th August): Looking for PS4 games release dates? Then we've got you covered with an exhaustive list of every PlayStation 4 game scheduled to release in 2017. You'll find every confirmed release date from July and beyond, alongside some tentative ones, and we'll be working to update...

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    Review Matterfall

    Zero-G Suit Samus

    In a weird kind of way, Matterfall is what Mighty No. 9 was supposed to be. Artistically, the Housemarque developed side-scroller couldn’t be different to Keiji Inafune’s cartoon Kickstarter, but the gameplay – which is designed around a dash mechanic, just like Mega Man’s ill-fated spiritual successor – has many...

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    Review Sudden Strike 4

    Dad's Barmy

    Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time strategy game set in World War II featuring three separate campaigns – one for the Allies, the Germans, and the Soviet Union – based on real battles. There’s over twenty missions in total, and these are presented to the player without any political pandering or moral high-grounds. World War...

  • Store Update 15th August 2017 (Europe)

    Here we go again

    In a year that’s been pretty stellar for the PlayStation 4, this may just be the best PlayStation Store update of them all. There’s so many highlights here we’re going to do away with drawn-out pre-ambles and get straight to the point: Sonic Mania is ace; Undertale is a cult hit; Cities: Skylines is acclaimed on other...

  • News NieR: Automata May Very Well Have Saved Platinum Games

    2B's bubble butt cushions company to safety

    Platinum Games is no stranger to bombas, with practically every title that it’s developed flopping at some point or other. But you may remember that not too long ago, the studio was put in a difficult position: Xbox One exclusive Scalebound was cancelled, and NieR: Automata didn’t look like it was...

  • News Uncharted 4 Is Getting a Proper Survival Horde Mode Next Week

    The Lost Legacy, too

    Naughty Dog will be bringing an all-new cooperative component to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End next week. The game already features a healthy suite of multiplayer modes, including an objective-based co-op mode, but Survival Arena looks to be the classic wave-based horde mode that some fans have been begging for. You...

  • News PlayStation VR Gun-'Em-Up StarBlood Arena Scores PS4 Demo

    Play the game

    We criticised StarBlood Arena for focusing on online multiplayer given PlayStation VR’s smaller install base, but to be fair to the hero-based affair it has managed to attract a very small but very dedicated audience. And developer White Moon Dreams will be hoping to add to that this week with the release of a demo for the title...

  • News Have Your Fill of Ugly Orcs with the New Shadow of War Trailer

    Rolling with the boys

    Fancy gawking at orcs for around 40 seconds or so? If your answer's yes, then you've come to the right place. Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a new trailer which spotlights a particular band of ugly buggers called the Terror Tribe. Now the most threatening name in the land but they at least look like they mean business. Will...

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  • News Funko Announces Horizon: Zero Dawn Pop! Figurines

    Vinyl fantasy

    Any franchise with a modicum of mainstream success is guaranteed its own line of bulbous Funko figurines, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest property to get the Pop! vinyl treatment. Naturally, red-headed protagonist Aloy is one of the characters you’ll be able to buy, but she’s joined by that most memorable of companions, Erend...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 181

    The football season is underway, the release calendar is stacked, and we're knee-deep into August – it all means that the business end of the year is imminent. Of course, that gives us plenty of opportunity to natter in your weekly WAYP, so let's get into Issue 181. Sammy Barker, Editor: The start of the football season has convinced me to...

  • News Tekken 7's Sales Are Off to a Pretty Strong Start

    Brawler on track to meet Bandai Namco's expectations

    Tekken 7 is selling well, crossing the 1.66 million sales milestone roughly two months after its launch. Bandai Namco expects the brawler to sell 2.1 million copies by the end of the year, so it’s well on track. Speaking as part of an earnings call, the organisation noted that the majority of...

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  • Feature 41 PS2 Classics That Must Come to PS4

    Greatest hits

    With the announcement that all four of Naughty Dog's Jak & Daxter games are coming to the PlayStation 4 via Sony's under-utilised PS2 Classics program, we've been pondering which other last-last-gen titles deserve the upscale-and-Trophies treatment. While we had planned to put together a short list, the Japanese giant's legendary...

  • News Huge No Man's Sky PS4 Patch 1.3 Does Add Multiplayer, Kind Of

    Technically, at least

    Hello Games has released the patch notes for No Man's Sky update 1.3, and they include a couple of surprises. As previously reported, the patch adds new story content and portals which allow you fast travel between locations. On top of all that, though, 1.3 actually adds a form of multiplayer. Kind of. The developer...

  • Soapbox Why Is Sound So Underappreciated in Games?

    Sammy wants you to open your ears

    It’s always about the graphics, isn’t it? Video games are, by their very nature, a visual medium – and we tend to judge technical progress by the number of polygons or pixels being displayed on screen. We analyse in deep detail the lighting, the resolution – heck, the rise of Digital Foundry means that even...

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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

    A bit of new, a bit of bold

    When we reviewed the original Mega Man Legacy Collection, we gave the game a favourable score, mentioning that it was an affordable compilation of classic ports that would fill your time ahead of the then-anticipated Mighty No. 9. A lot has changed since then. It’s no secret that Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor...

  • Poll 1 Year Later, What Are Your Thoughts on No Man's Sky?

    Sky's the limit

    No Man's Sky first launched one year ago yesterday. Or the day before, depending on your region. After years of hype, the sci-fi exploration title was met with a rather lukewarm reception. Reviews were mixed, as was player opinion, but the game did secure a hardcore following. For a while, developer Hello Games went dark, but it...

  • News New Everybody's Golf Trailer Outlines Absolutely Everything

    Par for the course

    Over in Japan, they love making these uber-long trailers that outline absolutely everything you can expect to find in an upcoming game. We don’t have the attention span to make the super-length clips work in the Western world, but this Everybody’s Golf video is pretty easy to follow – despite its narration belonging to a...

  • News Upcoming PS4 RPG Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gets a Cool Opening Animation

    Chase this

    Publisher THQ Nordic has uploaded the opening animation for Battle Chasers: Nightwar, and it's worth a watch. The gorgeous looking role-playing game, which is due to release near the start of October, has a diverse cast of playable heroes, and they all have their part to play in this intro movie. Has any one warrior in particular caught...

  • News Here's Sonic Mania's Bad Ass Opening Animation


    When this author was a nipper he used to regularly boot up Sonic CD (the European version!) in order to watch its ridiculous intro movie. If you try, you can do anythinnng! Anyway, as you’d expect, Sonic Mania has a similar animated intro movie, and after it leaked on the Internet overnight, SEGA decided to upload it in full...

  • News Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Kills Some Strangers in Gameplay Trailer

    One and Dunwall

    We reckon it’s probably fair to say that Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was one of those E3 2017 announcements that very quickly got overshadowed by bigger games. Fans of Dishonored 2 should be looking forward to this standalone story, though, as it looks to add a slew of flashy new combat options to an already impressive suite...

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  • News You Won't Be Able to Edit Your Imported Guardians in Destiny 2

    No haircuts allowed

    At the beginning of the month, Bungie migrated existing Destiny accounts over to Destiny 2 in preparation for the sequel's launch in September. Returning players can claim exclusive emblems and import their Guardian, or Guardians, from the first game. However, the developer has stated that it has no plans to allow for the...

  • Feature The Promising PS4 Games of August 2017

    Summer never ends

    Last week, the editorial staff here at Push Square sat down to work out our coverage schedule for August, and as we ran through the month's release dates, we couldn't quite believe our eyes. Usually, August is a relatively quiet summer month with most publishers gearing up for September and beyond. This year, however, August...

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    Review Patapon Remastered


    Patapon Remastered shares some of its DNA with two other re-released, obscure Japanese games from Sony. Like PaRappa the Rapper, its gameplay boils down to following the beat of the catchy music, and its cutesy vector art style is similar to LocoRoco. It does plenty to set itself apart, however, with a rhythm/strategy combination...

  • News Classic Dragon Quest Games Coming to PS4 in Japan

    Dragon warrior

    You can already play the original Dragon Quest for free on the PlayStation 4 by beating Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and casting a spell to redeem it. However, publisher Square Enix will be bringing all three original entries to Sony’s new-gen console this August in Japan – and you’ll be able to purchase them...

  • News Dragon Quest Builders 2 Craftily Revealed for PS4

    Block buster

    We loved the original Dragon Quest Builders here at Push Square, so we’re excited to see a shock sequel announcement. At the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo overnight, Square Enix revealed the next instalment in its Minecraft-inspired build-‘em-up for the PlayStation 4, which will boast all-new features like aquatic...

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