Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We’ve barely got done ensuring that the awful teenage cast of Until Dawn endure the worst deaths imaginable, and already it’s time to start thinking about August 2017’s big PlayStation Plus update. We’re anticipating an announcement for the full lineup on 26th July ahead of a rollout on 1st August, so the speculation is on.

Sony’s service has undoubtedly been on a bit of a roll this year, so long may it continue. There has been a lot of adventure games lately, however, so we’re looking for something different. What about a casual racing game to pad the summer months? Trackmania Turbo would be a decent shout in our opinion. Maybe you fancy something else?

Share your suggestions for August 2017’s PlayStation Plus lineup in the comments section below. Do you want something brand new – titles due on 1st August include the anticipated Patapon Remastered, but it’s already up for pre-order and thus is unlikely to be given away – or would you prefer the platform holder dipped into its PS4 archives again? Let us know below.

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