Ever wanted to be a samurai with lightsabers and laser pistols? Dumb question? Reborn: A Samurai Awakens promises to help you realise your dreams by whisking you away to a sci-fi world and arming you to the teeth. Due out on PlayStation VR later this year, the title will find you dual-wielding swords and firearms as you assume the role of a futuristic Feudal warrior battling against an evil extraterrestrial threat.

The combat in the trailer lacks the kind of impact that we’d expect from a game like this – flinging the katanas around seems more akin to wielding a six-inch Subway sandwich – but we’ve grown to learn that 2D trailers don’t really do the virtual reality experience justice, so we’d still like to give this a go for ourselves. Can you feel your inner-samurai overcoming your inhibitions? Swing like you’re the king in the comments section below.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]