What new features could Sony possibly be implementing with PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0? It's a tough question to answer, but there are currently a bunch of "reports" doing the rounds that claim to know what's coming. Unfortunately, we're having a hard time believing them.

For starters, 5.0 will apparently bring the ability to change your PlayStation Network ID. In other words, your username. This has been a requested feature since the days of the PS3, but Sony's never budged on the matter. Would the company start caring now? We're not convinced.

Secondly, Sony's current-gen console is supposedly getting PSone classic support. Another requested addition that the Japanese giant has been happy to ignore, we'd love to see it, but again, we have our doubts. On top of that, wishlists will be added to the PlayStation Store on console, and we'll finally be able to remove demos, betas, and trials from our PS4 library. These last two points at least seem reasonable.

So, where are these reports coming from? Honestly, we don't know. Several sites are covering them, but no one seems to have a defined source. Seeing as beta testing for 5.0 doesn't even start until next month, we're struggling to understand how anyone outside of the company has managed to get their hands on this info. As such, we wouldn't get your hopes up for any of this stuff until we've had some form of confirmation.

Just another day on the internet, we suppose.