We're just hours away from Sony's E3 2017 press conference, so understandably, hype levels are at blistering highs right now. As such, rumours and whispers are all over the place - but it's this supposed God of War release date leak that's currently catching the most attention.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive will undoubtedly be shown during the Japanese giant's event, but will it get a confirmed release date? We'd like to think so, although we'd honestly put money on it being a 2018 launch. According to the aforementioned leak, however, that won't be the case.

Now, this one's admittedly a bit shaky. The leak originates on YouTube Gaming's page for God of War, which shows a 28th November 2017 release date - but anyone could have slapped that on there. Still, if the date is there for a reason, then it may have just spoiled one of Sony's big surprises for tonight. 

We're not entirely convinced, but what do you think? Can you see God of War hitting before the year is out? Endure Kratos' rage in the comments section below.