Project Rap Rabbit, the cool-sounding concept for a rhythm game from the creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, launched as a Kickstarter campaign back in the middle of May. Asking for £855,000, the project always seemed in doubt - especially since it only managed to raise a fraction of that amount in its first couple of campaign days.

Now, unless a millionaire steps up and essentially finances the title themselves, it's safe to say that Project Rap Rabbit is going to fall drastically short of its funding goal. At the time of writing, the game has gathered just £159,000 - and there are only 7 hours left until its campaign ends.

So yeah, it's been a bit of a disaster, although it'll be interesting to see if the developers turn to an alternate funding method if the end really is nigh. In the meantime, tell Sammy to stop throwing his hard-earned money away in the comments section below.