Microsoft announced the new instalment in the Xbox One hardware family today: the Xbox One X. It wasn’t – as many fans had projected onto it – a new-generation console; instead it’s a mid-gen upgrade similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro, capable of boosting existing Xbox One software to a higher resolution and including bells and whistles on top. It’ll also cost $499.99, significantly more than even the PS4 Pro.

The Redmond-based manufacturer showed a handful of titles running on the hardware: Forza 7, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and the upcoming ANTHEM from BioWare. But did it have enough good content to sell you on the supercharged box? And do you think Sony will be sweating over this new addition to the console space?

Are you going to buy an Xbox One X? (352 votes)

Hell yeah, give it to me now


Maybe, but I need to see a lot more first


Nah, I'm not really interested


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Will Sony be sweating over the Xbox One X? (260 votes)

Yes, and they damn well should be


Again, need to see more to be sure


No way, Jose – they won't be bothered


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