It feels like we've said this a million times already, but Destiny 2 is going for the 'bigger and better' approach to being a sequel. Bungie was obviously never going to start over from scratch, but to some extent, we were expecting to see a real step forward for the property - and we're not quite sure that's going to be the case. We'll reserve judgement until we've played it for ourselves, of course, but going by the Strike gameplay that we've embedded above, Destiny 2 is looking very, very familiar.

From HUD elements to gameplay structure, you could have told us this was a new Strike coming to Destiny and we'd have probably believed you. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there are definite concerns around the 'net right now that Destiny 2 is essentially going to be a big expansion rather than a full sequel.

What do you think of this footage? Is it way too similar to what we already have in Destiny? Question the light in the comments section below.