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  • News June 2017 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

    A nice bit of variety

    Sony has revealed your PlayStation Plus titles for June 2017, and as it turns out, the recent leak was correct. Indeed, PlayStation 4's looking at a strong offering with Life Is Strange and Killing Floor 2 leading the way. That's not bad at all, is it? Both are quite highly rated, and they each present something completely...

  • News Sony Has a Frightening Amount of E3 2017 Booth Space

    Over 40,000 square feet of floor space

    Sony is not shying away from E3 2017 in the slightest. Floor plans are live for the Los Angeles convention, and the platform holder has reserved a terrifying 43,500 square feet of floor space, which eclipses every other company in attendance. The manufacturer will be next door to a very roomy Nintendo booth...

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    Review Killing Floor 2

    Let the bodies hit the floor

    Republished on Wednesday, 31st May 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. It's been a demanding shooter season so far. DICE hit rewind on history and gave us the uniformly proficient Battlefield 1 then...

  • Guide Tekken 7 Characters - Complete Roster List

    Tekken it to the next level

    As its name suggests, Tekken 7 is the seventh main instalment in Namco's 3D fighting series. Originally made available as a Japanese arcade release back in early 2015, the title has come a long way since, gradually growing its playable character roster and tweaking its gameplay mechanics bit by bit. Given the property's...

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    Review Tekken 7

    Rage against the Mishima

    It's been five whole years since we last had a Tekken game on a PlayStation platform – not counting the free-to-play and hilariously unbalanced Tekken Revolution. As such, Tekken 7 finds itself in a slightly tricky spot. Expectations are high when it comes to the series' latest entry, and with other big-name beat-'em-ups...

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    Review Neon Chrome

    Hacked off

    Republished on Wednesday, 31st May 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Neon Chrome is a top-down, twin-stick shooter set entirely in what looks like the Shinra Building from Final Fantasy VII given a Blade...

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    Review Life Is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized

    Say goodbye to the Strangerhood

    Republished on Wednesday, 31st May 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Well, the moment is finally here. After nine months and five episodes, the first season of DONTNOD's Life is Strange has...

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    Review Danger Zone

    Crash bash

    Danger Zone isn’t subtle and nor should it be. The latest from indie outfit Three Fields Entertainment doesn’t faff around with golf balls, instead slapping cars on a simulated highway and tasking you with smashing into as many of them as you can. This is Crash Mode in everything but name, and considering it comes care of...

  • News Zut! You'll Have to Beat Zico Twice for WipEout Omega Collection's Platinum

    You are already dead

    We don’t know who the heck Zico is, but we do know he has God-like reflexes. The bane of every WipEout player’s life has returned with not one but two Trophies in the upcoming WipEout Omega Collection. Spare a thought for all of those DualShock 4s that will be thrown to the floor and promptly stamped to smithereens in...

  • News PlayStation E3 2017 Experience Registration Doesn't Go to Plan

    Registration crashes

    Our condolences to those of you who tried to register for theatre tickets for this year’s PlayStation E3 2017 Experience. As is often the case with these kind of things, Sony has been forced to pull the website where fans were supposed to apply for free tickets as it completely buckled under demand. It’s unclear exactly...

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    Review Seasons After Fall

    The colours of the wind

    It’s without a doubt that Focus Home Interactive's Seasons After Fall is a gorgeous game. It’s also easy to consider similarities when regarding the visual style to Ori and the Blind Forest, as its gorgeous pastels remind us of Moon Studios' masterpiece from 2015. However, Seasons After Fall is its own unique piece of...

  • Rumour Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's Roster Readies Up

    Who's made the cut?

    Injustice 2 may be the king of the comic book brawler right now, but Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will attempt to steal the crown from NetherRealm Studios later this year. And in-the-know NeoGAF user Ryce – who famously leaked the game in the first-place – has posted up the title’s 28 strong character roster to the message...

  • News Summer Lesson Spin-Off Aims to Prove Blondes Have More Fun

    Oh, Ali

    Do you remember when PlayStation VR flirt-‘em-up Summer Lesson was first announced and it featured a blonde character instead of the brunette who would eventual go on to star in the game? Well, publisher Bandai Namco is releasing a second episode in Japan named Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Seven Days Garden, which is scheduled to release in...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Ys VIII Dashes Straight to Number 1 as PS4 Stays Quiet

    Guilty Gear also rocks into top 5

    We'd still classify this as a pretty boring instalment of the Japanese sales charts, but at least we've got a few things to write about this time around. First off, the latest Ys game, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, shot straight to the top of the software charts, selling a kind-of-okay-but-actually-pretty-low 27,741...

  • News Square Enix Considering Flogging Hitman

    The stealth series could be leaving along with IO

    Now that Hitman developer IO Interactive is parting ways with Square Enix, the future of the flagship franchise is hanging in the balance – and a possible sale of the Hitman IP could be on the cards. In a financial briefing, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda hinted that the license for...

Tuesday30th May 2017

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 4.70 Is Available to Download Now

    Steady as she goes

    This latest PlayStation 4 software update may have appeared out of nowhere, but we'd recommend not getting too excited. As many of you will probably have already guessed, firmware 4.70 simply promises better stability and performance. It weighs in at around 340MB, and you'll need to download it in order to make use of your...

  • Reaction Remembering PS3 - The Console That Wouldn't Quit

    Two steps forward, one step back

    The PlayStation 3 showed two sides to Sony. At launch, the device was nothing short of a disaster: overpriced, over-engineered, and out-of-touch with consumers’ wants and needs, it was the manifestation of a decade’s worth of hubris – the product of a company who thought that it could do no wrong. But three...

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    Review Victor Vran: Overkill Edition

    Tricky Vick

    Similarly to the Diablo series, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is all about loot. Whether you're breaking open pots, opening chests, or buying from merchants, Haemimont Games' latest sees you stuffing your pockets with all the weapons, consumables, and items that you can find, from scythes and swords to destiny cards and demon powers. At...

  • News Assassin's Creed Origins' Protagonist, Time Period Leaks

    Walk like an Egyptian

    At this point, it must be on purpose, right? All organisations endure leaks from time to time, but French publisher Ubisoft just can’t seem to plug them; it’s a good job it’s not a boat, otherwise it would have been at the bottom of the ocean a long time ago. Anyway, a video has leaked to YouTube showing the opening...

  • Feature June 2017 - The Return of 3 Iconic PSone Properties on PS4

    Tekken, Crash, and WipEout are back

    June may well turn out to be a very memorable month for those of you who have been fond of PlayStation since the PSone days. Sony's first console launched in Japan all the way back in 1994, which seems like a lifetime ago. The success of the system is well documented, and its popularity saw Sony form an iron grip...

  • Store Update 30th May 2017 (Europe)

    Tekken the mick

    We’re almost in June, and the first of a trifecta of PSone franchises is scheduled to release in a matter of days. Tekken 7 is due out this Friday, but if you can’t wait that long, then there’s Danger Zone, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and the final episode in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier to look forward to. What are you...

  • News Last Day of June Is a PS4 Game of Love and Loss

    Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico at the helm

    This sounds promising, doesn’t it? Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico has announced its long-awaited next project: Last Day of June. The game – a puzzler about love and loss – has some big names attached to it, including musician and record producer Steven Wilson and Jess Cope of Frankenweenie fame. Much...

  • News Sonic Mania Spin Dashes to PS4 on 15th August


    The jury may still be out on Sonic Forces, but at least Sonic Mania is looking spot-on. The retro revival – which is set to rekindle the feel of Sonic games of yore – is finally scheduled to release on 15th August for $19.99, and it’s available to pre-order on the PlayStation 4 right now. “Re-live the Sonic of the past with an...

  • UK Sales Charts Injustice 2 Slaps Down Overwatch

    NetherRealm's brawler on top

    Injustice 2 juggled its way to a second flawless victory this week, beating away strong competition from a resurgent Overwatch – itself enjoying its first anniversary event. Grand Theft Auto V looted third position, while FIFA 17 and PREY made up the remainder of the top five. Dishonored 2 re-entered the charts in...

  • News Twee PS4 RPG Lost Sphear from I Am Setsuna Makers Announced

    Out of nowhere

    Handkerchiefs at the ready: Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory has another twee tale to regale involving fallen fathers and vanishing mothers. Lost Sphear is the next game from the creators of I Am Setsuna, set for release in early 2018 on the PlayStation 4. The game will build upon the battle system from the aforementioned title, and...

  • News Supergiant Games' Pyre Burns Brightly from 25th July

    The latest from Bastion, Transistor creator

    Beautiful sports-inspired role-playing game Pyre will Rite a new chapter in Supergiant Games’ story starting 25th July, the developer has announced. The title will cost $19.99 in the US, but if you pre-order from the PlayStation Store today, you’ll earn an extra 10 per cent off. “Pyre is a...

  • News Wangle Wonder Woman's Movie Gear in Injustice 2 Event

    End all wars

    A new Multiverse has been added to Injustice 2 enabling you to earn some of Wonder Woman’s gear from the new movie. Available now through 5th June, the event ‘To End All Wars’ will allow you to add several themed cosmetics to Diana’s inventory. Don’t worry if you miss the mission, because you’ll be able to grab the...

  • News Velocity 2X's FuturLab Tackles PlayStation VR with Tiny Trax

    Micro Manchines meets Scalextric

    Award-winning Brighton-based developer FuturLab – and the recipient of a rare 10/10 here at Push Square – is readying its next game for release this summer: Tiny Trax for PlayStation VR. The virtual reality slot racer aims to build the dream Scalextric around your head, allowing you to immerse yourself in 12...

Monday29th May 2017

  • News Is Monster Hunter Finally Coming to the PS4?

    Rumours say so, but are they accurate?

    Who doesn’t love a 4chan rumour? Despite the generally dreadful track record of the infamous message board, legit leaks do sometimes crop up on the site, so you can’t always disregard them outright. And this chatter about Monster Hunter 5 has been heating up of late, so we’re going to drop a quick piece...

  • News Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Is Starting to Sound Like a Nightmare

    Square Enix shifts to internal structure

    When Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared at Sony's E3 2015 press conference, minds were blown. This author isn't ashamed to admit that he stood on his chair, put his hands on his head, and repeatedly exclaimed "no!" like some sort of deranged howler monkey. The excitement was very real back then, but now,...

  • News Sony Says Goodbye to the PS3 After 10 Years on the Market

    So long, old friend

    Sony has announced that PlayStation 3 production has ended in Japan, which essentially means that the console is done and dusted. Back in March, the company said that the end would soon be coming, and now it's put the final nail in the coffin. The PS3 launched over a decade ago in its homeland; it'll be 11 years old this...

  • News Gold PS4 Slim to Bring a Bit of Bling to Retail

    Always believe in your soul

    If you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of bling then this gold 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim may be right up your alley. This photograph appeared on Reddit earlier this evening and looks pretty darn legitimate from where we’re sitting, though there’s not much additional information to go along with the snap...

  • Rumour Bloodborne Developer Collaborating with Sony on Aztec RPG

    Or so the rumours say

    Have you heard the rumour about Phantom Wail? This is apparently the latest collaboration between Sony and From Software, ruling out a direct successor to Bloodborne. The story seems to originate from a Reddit post, but it references a “notorious” leaker who isn’t named, so already we’re in sketchy ter

  • News Watch Sony's E3 2017 in Cinemas for Tons of Free Goodies

    Tickets available for free this week

    Good news, the PlayStation E3 Experience is making a comeback, meaning that you’ll be able to watch Sony’s media briefing live in movie theatres yet again this year. A whopping 85 cinemas are taking part in the initiative, and while this does mean that there’ll be a bit of travel involved for some of you,...

  • News Shenmue III Will Not Be At E3 2017

    Here's a new character, though

    Many had expected Shenmue III to be on display at E3 2017 next month, but developer Ys Net has ruled that out in an update on the title’s Kickstarter page. “We will be devoting June to game development and, as a result, will unfortunately not be participating in any game shows,” the studio said. It’s still...

  • News Injustice 2 Pulls the Trigger on Red Hood Trailer

    New challenger arrives in June

    Injustice 2 will receive its first DLC drop in June, with Red Hood joining the release’s roster. The masked mercenary – the resurrected ex-Robin Jason Todd – leans heavily on firearms, packing some pretty cool combos with his dual pistols. Check out the trailer embedded above to see pretty much everything he has...

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    Review Injustice 2

    Loot boxes among us

    Injustice 2 may be one of the most impressive fighting game sequels in recent memory. Following the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us (which raised its fists over four years ago), this successor continues the story of a hypothetical universe, in which Superman has been tricked into causing a devastating tragedy which has...

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    Review Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

    Can't stop the rock

    Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is a masterful fighting game, and if you've been hankering for more of Arc System Works' gorgeous brawler, then you probably won't want to miss Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2. An expansion to REVELATOR - which can either be purchased as downloadable content or as its own standalone release - Rev 2 adds a...

  • News First Far Cry 5 Art Shows Signs of a Sinister American Cult

    Deadly sins

    Ahead of the full reveal that's due this Friday, Ubisoft has released the first bit of key art for Far Cry 5. Your humble hosts predicted that this latest instalment would be about creepy religious cults in the American wilderness, and judging by this image, we're spot on. In the picture, some sort of reverend is sitting at a table with...

  • News Big PS4 Games Go For Under €20 in New EU Sale

    Triple A

    There's a new sale happening on the European PlayStation Store, and truth be told, it's probably one of the better selections of deals that we've had over the last few months. It mostly consists of popular retail titles like Fallout 4, FIFA 17, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Watch Dogs,...

  • Rumour God of War Maker Working on Major PlayStation VR Title

    Will apparently go down well with core fans

    Sony Santa Monica is a big, big studio, so while we’re sure that the bulk of its workforce is busy beavering away on God of War, it’s probably got a bit of manpower to spare. And according to a report on VRFocus, it may be leveraging those resources to cook up a little something new for Sony’s...

  • News Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date 'Doesn't Matter' Says Publisher

    It's still gonna sell

    Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed into 2018. A bit of a shame to be sure, but the release date alteration doesn't mean jack sh*t according to Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick. Speaking during the publisher's latest earnings call, the CEO was asked whether he expects the sequel to perform better or worse now that...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Steady as Sales Slow Down

    Calm before the Dragon Quest?

    The post-Golden Week slump in Japan is still very real, with little to shout about in this week’s Media Create report. PREY was the “hottest” new release of the week, selling 7,105 units on the PlayStation 4. Danganronpa 1/2 Reload also charted for Sony’s new-gen system, shifting 3,880 units. You’ve got to...

  • News Sony Launches New PlayStation Store Section in US Featuring Dev Recommendations

    Industry darlings

    Sony appears to have launched a brand new PlayStation Store feature in the US. Dubbed 'The Creators', this fresh section allows for developers and other industry figures to recommend their favourite titles. Right now, Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi is on there, along with Rocket League studio Psyonix, Inside dev Playdead,...

  • News This RiME Music Video Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

    Forgotten city

    Spoilers: the soundtrack in RiME is absolutely extraordinary. Sure, we’re technically under embargo until tomorrow, but we doubt anyone will be too irritated we happened to share that tidbit. One of the tracks has been written by Lindsey Stirling, an American violinist – and this is the music video for the song. Weird CGI foxes...

  • News Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Open Beta Is Out Now on PS4

    It's time to duel

    Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has entered its open beta phase on PlayStation 4, and you can head over to the PlayStation Store right now and get it downloading. The free-to-play collectable card title is a fully fleshed-out version of the minigame found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it's supposed to be pretty good. The beta...

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    Review The Surge


    The Surge makes a great first impression. Its opening hour introduces you to a combat system that takes clear inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but then developer Deck 13 innovates in a number of key areas to prove it’s more than just a clone. Running alongside that, the primitive area evokes the same sense of...

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    Review Farpoint

    Starship gloopers

    Farpoint is both the most innovative and primitive first-person shooter you’ll play this year. The next tentpole PlayStation VR title, this sci-fi story whisks you away to an alien planet and arms you with a brand new peripheral to keep the space bugs at bay. Thus, while the game design can feel decidedly dated at times, it’s...

  • News Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is No Simple PS4 Remaster

    It's being reworked for modern times

    According to producer Hiroaki Kato, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age isn't just some simple remaster. Speaking to French publication Finaland, Kato reveals that the development team spent a huge amount of time tweaking and rebalancing the game for a modern audience. "We didn't want to simply make a...

  • News Ubisoft Teases 'A New Era' of Assassin's Creed

    Here we go again

    What? There's a new Assassin's Creed game coming? Who would have guessed? The heavily rumoured Assassin's Creed Origins - previously known as Assassin's Creed Empire - will supposedly take place in Egypt, and it'll mark the return of naval transport and combat. There's even been a leaked

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    PS Vita

    Review Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

    Mission: Aborted

    Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is the follow-up to Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy - a dungeon crawler which arrived on the PlayStation Vita in 2015 to some fairly average review scores. Experience Inc. has released some really good dungeon crawlers on Sony's handheld, so you'd hope that for Operation Babel it would take some...

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    Review Akiba's Beat

    Just beat it

    If you're a fan of Japan and its wonderful culture then you'll probably be aware of Akihabara, a district in Tokyo filled with all manner of delights that will get any otaku salivating at the thought of it. It's a haven for geeks with plenty of shops filled with anime, manga, collectable cards and figurines, as well as maid cafés for...

  • News A Bunch of B-Tier PS4 Titles Go on Sale in US

    The Technomancer, Farming Simulator, more

    Focus Home Interactive is probably this generation's most prominent b-tier publisher. For several years now, it's been pumping the PlayStation 4 full of titles that aren't quite AAA blockbusters - but they're not digital-only indie-style escapades, either. The kind of games that reviewers give 6s and 7s...

  • Video How the Feck Do You Play Farpoint with a DualShock 4?

    Not a lot changes, actually

    One of Farpoint’s biggest selling points is, of course, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. But while the first-person shooter is available as part of a bundle featuring the plastic firearm, you can also buy it standalone both physically and digitally. So how the heck does that work? Well, the answer is that you can...

  • Round Up Injustice 2 PS4 Reviews Fly Super High

    Grodds among us

    A casual reminder that 2017 is still firing on all fronts: Injustice 2 is the latest game to comfortably exceed expectations. Reviews for NetherRealm’s anticipated DC Comics dust-up are just starting to emerge, and while we received our copy a little late, we figured we’d round up a variety of reviews from around the web before...

  • News Ubisoft Sequel The Crew 2 Buckles Up on PS4

    You know as much as we do

    To coincide with Ubisoft’s financial call, the French publisher has dropped the most anticlimactic announcements on its forums. Hand-in-hand with Far Cry 5 – it’s using a nice font, that one – the company has confirmed that The Crew 2 is set to release at some point before 31st March, 2018. So, there’s that...

  • Store Update 16th May 2017 (Europe)

    The Surge! Injustice 2! Farpoint!

    Corrr, it’s a big’un on the European PlayStation Store – and no, that opening salvo was not supposed to be a quote from a Carry On film. New releases this week include small, insignificant titles like… Oh, er, The Surge, Injustice 2, and Farpoint. We’re being sarcastic by the way – those are all arguably...

  • News Ubisoft Confirms Far Cry 5, Will No Doubt Show Up at E3

    But is it a Western?

    Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of Far Cry 5 and... That's about it. In an official forum post, the publisher has revealed a generic logo and asks "Are you ready for a hefty dose of new Far Cry adventures?" We've got no other details to go on right now, other than the recent rumour that it'll be set in the Wild West,...

  • News Sonic's Pals Suck So SEGA Wants You to Make Your Own

    Sonic Forces to sport complete, er, character creator

    Sonic Forces will allow you to create your own custom member of the Blue Blur’s world-saving crew. Wait, what? Seriously, the third pillar of Sonic Team’s latest will allow you to fashion your own anthropomorphic hero to fight alongside Tails, Knuckles, et al. You’ll then take your avatar...

  • News Elite Dangerous Explores a Galaxy of Opportunity on PS4 This Summer

    Popular space sim gets a release date

    Elite Dangerous, the popular and critically acclaimed space sim, will finally land on PlayStation 4 this summer. The open-ended title sees you take to the stars and make a name for yourself, whether you choose to be an intergalactic trader or a deadly combat pilot. It just might be enough to wash away the pain...

  • News Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Plants Itself on PS4

    Save the homeland, save the dream

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Western release of the original Harvest Moon game, developer Natsume has announced Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PlayStation 4, the first Harvest Moon game to grace a Sony platform since the excellently-named Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl launched on the PSP back in 2007...

  • News Ace Combat 7 Returns to the Skies Until 2018 on PS4

    Fly away

    Anticipated arcade dogfighting sequel Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will be staying above cloud cover until 2018, as the title has been delayed. The game was originally scheduled to release later this year, but Bandai Namco’s decided to push the release back in order to “optimise the latest chapter” in the popular saga. Here’s what...

  • Video Should You Buy Farpoint for PlayStation VR?

    Survivors keep saving

    Farpoint launches for PlayStation VR this week alongside the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. The game represents the first blockbuster first-person shooter to be released for Sony's virtual reality headset, but is it any good? If the written word is more your thing, then you’ll find a full text review through here, but we’ve...

  • News Anti-Grav Racer Redout Weaves Its Way to PS4 in August

    How fast do you wanna go?

    You wait years for a good WipEout clone, and then several are scheduled to release the same year that the seminal series is making a comeback. Redout is one such anti-grav racer, and it’s set to suit up on the PlayStation 4 starting 29th August in North America and 31st August in Europe. It’ll be available...

  • Video Cut Through Over an Hour of The Surge PS4 Gameplay

    Sci-fi souls

    Our review wasn’t overly complimentary, but if The Surge is still on your wishlist, then maybe you’d like to take a look at over an hour of gameplay footage? We recently streamed a chunk of the so-called Sci-Fi Souls, and we’ve embedded all of the archived action above for your viewing pleasure.

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  • News Wait! There's a Flash Sale on the US PlayStation Store Now

    Save big on sci-fi titles

    Wait, what? There’s a new Flash Sale on the North American PlayStation Store? Well, then. This one’s set to run until 08:00 PT on Monday, 15th May, so you’ve still got a little bit of time to take advantage of it. The theme this time is sci-fi, so highlights on the PlayStation 4 include DOOM for $19.79,...

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    Review Polybius

    Virtual insanity

    There’s an urban legend of an arcade game so addictive that physical fights would break out over who would get to play next. Its mind bending gameplay managed to induce insomnia, amnesia, and hallucinations in those that played it, and just one month after it supposedly showed up in Portland arcades in 1981, every single machine...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 9 Will Let You Pick Resolution or Performance on PS4 Pro

    4K/30 or 1080p/60

    The upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 will take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro, allowing owners of the supercharged system to select between 4K resolution at 30 frames-per-second or 1080p resolution at 60 frames-per-second. That’s according to director Atsushi Miyauchi who was speaking with, as translated by...

Saturday13th May 2017

  • 29


    Review LocoRoco Remastered

    Roll up, roll up

    Whether we really needed a remaster of an 11-year-old Japanese PSP game is debatable, but we’re elated Sony decided to update one of the platform’s greatest hits nonetheless. LocoRoco Remastered brings the joyful 2D side-scroller (or side-roller, if you will) to a whole new audience, and the best news is that its still as fun...

  • Interview Stephen Cox on the Sounds of PlayStation VR's Farpoint

    Survivors keep moving

    When developer Impulse Gear’s Farpoint releases, it will come a few days after Sony’s PlayStation VR headset celebrates its seventh month on the market. With anticipation high for the virtual reality shooter, we caught up with composer Stephen Cox to learn a little more about its soundtrack. Push Square: Audio design in VR...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 167

    Dark side

    We’re getting perilously close to E3 2017 now, but we’re trying not to think about that. Instead, it’s actually surprisingly busy here at Push Square Towers for May, with the release calendar showing no signs of slowing down really. Much of the team is on review duty, with several big games being worked on as we write. Sammy Barker,...

  • Video The 7 Best Beards on PS4

    Hot fuzz

    The PlayStation 4 plays host to some pretty impressive facial hair, and we figured it would be fun to round-up the very best beards that can be found on the console. From the feral forests of Kratos’ fuzz to the sultry salt and pepper of Joel’s facial fungus, there’s a style for all on display here – assuming you can actually sprout...

  • News PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man Creators Team Up for New Title

    It's called Project Rap Rabbit

    Is anyone else having to pinch themselves lately? It feels like we’re in the ultimate age of video games: LocoRoco has just received a remaster, virtual reality is viable and awesome, Crash Bandicoot is about to make a comeback, almost every anticipated game has exceeded expectations this year, and now the creators...

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    Review PREY

    Would Yu kindly?

    2017 has been a magical year for games thus far. The first few months were crammed with more amazing titles than we’ve seen in entire years before. But this hot streak must end sometime, right? Well, Arkane Studios – specifically, the company's second studio in Texas – has ensured it's not the ones to end this streak, as...

  • News The Order: 1886 Can Be Yours for Thruppence on PS4

    Seriously, it's $3.99 in North America

    Look, we have our fair share of issues with The Order: 1886, but for $3.99 it’s worth buying. Sony’s launched a new batch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store, and Ready at Dawn’s story-driven Victorian shooter has brought its exquisitely groomed handlebar moustache along for the party...

  • Rumour Assassin's Creed Egypt Gets Its First Off-Screen Gameplay Snap

    Update: Several sources say it's real

    Well well well, what do we have here? Surfacing over on Reddit, this is supposedly our very first look at gameplay from the much rumoured Assassin's Creed Origins - or as it was previously known, Assassin's Creed Empire. The image above shows what certainly looks like an Assassin's Creed game, as a playable...

  • News Need for Speed 2017 Will Be Playable Entirely Offline

    Expect customisation and cop chases

    The last Need for Speed game wasn’t great, was it? Bizarrely, we enjoyed the 90s-inspired FMV cut-scenes and silly storyline, but the actual racing itself fell flat for us: the open world was forgettable, the driving was bland, and the always-online aspect was a source of strong criticism for some. In fact, so...

  • Rumour Far Cry Is Going Straight to the Wild, Wild West

    Last chance saloon

    If this rumour turns out to be true, then the entirety of Ubisoft will be praying to Clint Eastwood that Red Dead Redemption 2 gets delayed. The word on the street is that a new Far Cry game is due out in September, and it’ll apparently adopt a Spaghetti Western theme. Random? Not quite as random as the way this story started...

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    Review BUTCHER

    Resurrection of evil

    Last year's fantastic DOOM reboot nailed the energy and relentless forward motion of id Software's industry defining FPS, stripping out any sort of meaningful narrative in favour of a lighting-fast funhouse ride. Yet where DOOM 2016 gave old fashioned mayhem a shiny new coat of paint, Transhuman Design’s BUTCHER keeps the...

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    Review Human: Fall Flat


    Human: Fall Flat is a physics puzzle platformer that gained a lot of popularity through YouTube last year. Its excellently wacky character movement, similar to that of Gang Beasts, can create some hilariously funny moments which make it a brilliantly entertaining experience. You play as Bob, who’s just your average guy: he must solve...

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    PS Vita

    Review Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

    Samurai lovin', had me a blast

    Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is the latest game in the Hakuoki series, and is billed by developer Idea Factory as a “remastered telling of the beloved 2008 series”. Set in historic Japan, the game follows the protagonist as she's taken in by a group of samurai while looking for her father who has gone missing. Being an...

  • News What Ever Happened to Vib Ribbon on PS4?

    Rhythm rabbit

    Long before Shawn Layden trolled the web with a Crash Bandicoot tease, the PlayStation chief trolled the web with a Vib Ribbon tease. During his very first E3 appearance in 2014, the animated executive talked effervescently about the animal-based outing, only to not follow it up with an announcement. Of course he came good eventually,

  • Video The History of the PlayStation Store

    A decade of digital

    A little over ten years ago, Sony cut the ribbon on a new virtual shopping plaza: the PlayStation Store. Opening for business alongside the PlayStation 3, the inaugural digital storefront was as rudimentary as these things get: it was essentially a web page with a couple of games for sale and some trailers. Who could have...

  • News Tekken 7 Fights Back with PS4 Pro Bundle in Europe

    But just a standard PS4 Slim in the UK

    Tekken is one of PlayStation’s most iconic brands, so it’s no surprise to see Sony bundle up the latest edition in the Iron Fist tournament. Over in France, you’ll be able to pick up the Deluxe Edition of the upcoming Tekken 7 alongside a 1TB PS4 Pro on launch day next month, though the platform...

  • News Knack 2 Promises a Candid Response to Fans' Complaints

    Knack from the dead

    In a world where we’re still waiting for a sequel to Puppeteer, it’s awkward to think that Knack 2 exists at all. Japan Studio’s launch title became a critical punch bag when it launched back on the PlayStation 4 in 2013, drawing ire from critics expecting something a little more exciting alongside a new piece of hardware...

  • Store Update 9th May 2017 (Europe)

    Livin' la vida LocoRoco

    It’s a niche week on the European PlayStation Store, but don’t let that turn you away. LocoRoco Remastered is clearly the headline new arrival, but it’s joined by NBA Playgrounds, Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Lethal League, Polybius, Strafe, and much more – all worth checking out. Do let us know what you’re...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 9 Confirmed for PS4, Open World Elements Detailed

    Big trouble in big China

    Official Dynasty Warriors 9 news is coming our way on the 11th May, but as predicted, the usual Japanese gaming publications - namely Famitsu - have leaked the goods before the designated date. The latest issue confirms that Koei Tecmo's long awaited sequel is a PlayStation 4 title, and there's some talk that it's...

  • Video LocoRoco Remastered Is Just Lovely on the PS4

    Sing along

    Despite it selling over 80 million units, time hasn’t been kind to the PlayStation Portable, with the industry remembering it as something of a flop. But we reckon Sony’s first shot at a handheld deserves a little more respect, as it was host to some amazing games – particularly Japan Studio’s various experiments like Patapon and,...

  • News Cloud Strife's English Voice Actor Teases New Work

    But what game is it?

    Look, before you say anything, yes, we know that this is a news story based on a vague tweet - but the potential implications are well worth getting overly excited about. Steve Burton, otherwise known as the English voice of Cloud Strife, tweeted late last month that he'd be doing some voice work for the Final Fantasy VII...

  • News Legendary Metal Gear Artist Has Drawn Some Incredible Call of Duty Zombies Art


    Metal Gear series concept artist Yoji Shinkawa is easily one of the most well known artists in the industry. His work has helped define Hideo Kojima's beloved series since 1997, and if you know Metal Gear, then you've laid eyes on his superb character art. As it turns out, Shinkawa's been busy - but his latest work has nothing to do with the...

  • News Knock Yourself Out with 33 Minutes of Tekken 7 PS4 Gameplay

    Tekken it higher

    As you've probably realised based on the amount of news coverage that it's getting, Tekken 7 is now less than a month away from its 2nd June release date. We got some hands on time with the almost finished PlayStation 4 release last week and came away impressed, but if you're eager to see how that build holds up, you should...

  • News You Need to Watch This Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Trailer

    Dead but not buried

    For a game that’s nearly two years old, this Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles trailer is pretty impressive. Treyarch has remastered eight classic zombies maps for Black Ops III, and they’re scheduled to shuffle onto the PlayStation 4 from 16th May. But the trailer… The trailer is really, really good. Like,...

  • News Tekken 7 Is Ready to Rage as Game Goes Gold Ahead of June Release

    Iron those fists

    It's been a long, long time coming, but Tekken 7 is finally ready to punch the PlayStation 4 square in the jaw. Over on Twitter, Mark 'MarkMan' Julio - Tekken community advisor and commentator - has posted a picture of the finished retail release, essentially spreading the message that the fighter has gone gold. "We live,...

  • News Injustice 2 Trailer Shows You Everything You Need to Know

    Plus, first DLC characters revealed

    Injustice 2 is out imminently, and with NetherRealm Studios having announced all of the characters now, it’s time for the studio to turn its attention to the final push. This new trailer tells you everything you need to know about the game: it outlines the outing’s story mode, roster, loot system, guilds, and...

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  • News Here's More Crash Bandicoot PS4 Gameplay to Send You Spinning

    Going underground

    We're not too far away from Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and its 30th June release date, but if you're eager to see more of the remade collection, you can't go wrong with this latest gameplay video. Featuring footage from Crash Bandicoot 2's Sewer or Later level, the project's looking as promising as ever, with enhanced visuals...

  • News PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Survive PS4

    Hunger games

    While the console conversation has been dominated by the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Persona 5, there’s one Early Access title on PC that’s been gathering a community as quietly as a runaway steam train. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online, Battle Royale-esque survival...

  • News PlayStation's E3 2017 Press Conference Time and Date Confirmed

    Here we go

    Sony has confirmed the date and time of its E3 2017 press conference: the media briefing will get underway at 18:00 PDT on Monday, 12th June. That means that it’ll be another late night for those of you in Europe, as the event will kick off at 02:00 BST the following day in the UK – and even later in parts of Continental Europe...

  • News Quantum Break Dev's Next Game Confirmed for PS4

    To be published by 505 Games

    We already knew that Remedy had expanded its engine's support to the PlayStation 4, but now its next game has been confirmed for Sony's system. The Finnish developer – who's long been one of Microsoft's primary partners – is working on a title called Project 7, a cinematic third-person shooter set in "a new...

  • News Sony Celebrates Golden Week with PS4 Game Sale on NA PlayStation Store

    PS3 and Vita also well represented

    Golden Week is a national holiday in Japan, so it seems only fair to acknowledge it with a bunch of discounts on the North American PlayStation Store. The platform holder's knocking up to 80 per cent off a bunch of popular Eastern titles through 09:00 PT on 9th May – and that extends to some anime in the movies...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Dreams Remains an Incredibly Attractive Enigma

    Snail's pace

    We know there’s a bit of confusion over what Dreams actually is, but you’ve got to give both Sony and Media Molecule credit for being bold enough to create something so outside-the-box. The artsy outing – which will provide you with the canvas to create your own magical masterpieces – has been kept undercover for a little while...

  • News Darksiders Duo Bundled Up on PS4 Prior to Sequel

    Fury's Collection is available now

    All credit to THQ Nordic: it's played a blinder with the Darksiders III reveal. Recognising that the surprise sequel announcement may generate interest in the series, it's rolled out a fairly low price bundle on the PlayStation Store collating remasters Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II:...

  • News Yooka-Laylee Patch to Dial Down Dumbass Voices

    Will also solve camera issues

    Playtonic will improve middling platformer Yooka-Laylee with an upcoming patch, lessening camera quibbles and dialling down the dumb gibberish voices in the game. In response to feedback, the UK-based developer plans to include an option that will allow you to put a sock in the mouth of its colourful cast of characters;...

  • News Cult Korean Horror White Day Spooks PS4 This September

    School hall scares

    There are no shortage of horror games on the PlayStation 4, but there’s always room for one more as far as we’re concerned. That’s good news for Korean developer ROI Games, then, which is bringing cult horror White Day: A Labyrinth Named School to Sony’s new-gen system this August. “It’s the story of new Yeondoo High...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Snaps Up New Photo Mode Features

    Map filter also being incorporated

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily one of the most beautiful games on the PlayStation 4, and capturing that beauty with the title's Photo Mode is a big part of the fun. Guerrilla Games has recognised that, and with the open world role-playing release's next patch, it'll be adding in a ton of new features to help improve...

  • News PlayStation VR Restocked Ahead of Farpoint Release

    Guns at the ready

    Those of you who've been trying to purchase a PlayStation VR headset these past few months will know that the device has been in and out of stock since launch really. Fortunately, a fresh wave of units has arrived in North America ahead of the release of flagship exclusive Farpoint, and Sony's rolling out a fresh new advertising...

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    Review Tumbleseed

    Mr Tumble

    Tumbleseed is a procedurally generated, roguelike game in which you take on the role of a seed on its journey to the top of a mountain. Along the way you must survive many enemy encounters and overcome the various obstacles thrown your way. You control your seed in a very unusual way, using a horizontal pole that extends the full width of...

  • News Play The Division for Free on PS4 All This Weekend

    Snow joke

    The benefit of these service games that Ubisoft keeps putting out is that they lend themselves well to promotional weekends, and The Division is no different. Starting at 00:01 PDT on 4th May, you'll be able to download and play Massive Entertainment's loot shooter for free on the PlayStation 4 all weekend. You'll need to be a PlayStation...

  • News PREY Amps Up the Volume in PS4 Launch Trailer

    Fight the invasion

    PREY may share a lot in common with BioShock, but you’d think it’s more akin to DOOM if you just watched this launch trailer. Bethesda clearly feels that the best way to sell its new first-person shooter is by turning up the volume, and so there’s just under 120 seconds of unadulterated action on display here. Are you...

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