Here's a spot of culture for you: it's Father's Day this Sunday in Spain. Who cares, right? (Well, apart from our obviously sizeable audience from EspaƱa.) Sony's started advertising God of War in Madrid. Spotted on the Metro, the ad shows Kratos and his son Atreus and basically says something along the lines of: "My Dad's better than your's."

It's innocent in of itself, but the timing is interesting, isn't it? God of War is obviously a huge system selling brand much like Uncharted and Gran Turismo, but you don't often see commercials for either of those appearing months (or potentially years) prior to the release of a new game unless there's a delay. So, could the reboot be closer than we anticipate?

The important thing to remember is that Sony's stopped attaching dates to games to avoid the drama that surrounds delays, so we don't actually have a clue when any of its big first-party titles are planned to release right now. Personally, we still reckon God of War's at least a year away, but this is interesting, isn't it?