Thieves suck, but even the likes of Nathan Drake have an ethical code. A group of robbers in New Zealand don't appear to have the same moral compass, however, as they nabbed a PlayStation 4 from the children's cancer ward in Wellington Hospital. That's just... Really, really not cool.

The thing that makes it worse is that the console was bolted down, and the thieves removed the screws, knowing full-well that the system was used by youngsters undergoing serious treatment. The system was received as a donation, and we seriously hope that Sony's reading this article and pledges a replacement alongside some games.

"I'm angry, and pretty annoyed because it was a good distraction for me, and other kids too," nine-year-old Angus Little told The Dominion Post. "They took the game, too, so the mansion I built on Minecraft is gone." All hope may not be lost actually Angus, as there's a chance your save may be stored in the cloud.

Still, how bloody awful is this? Angus and his Mum are trying to raise money to replace the console on Facebook, but like we say, hopefully Sony's reading and responds. Blehhh!