Sony's made no secret of the fact that it sees Horizon: Zero Dawn as one of its next tentpole franchises, and at the heart of that is Aloy, the red-headed huntress who serves as both the game's protagonist and its focal point. The platform holder has talked candidly about the heroine in the past, revealing that it can be risky to go with lady leads. But the character got the go-ahead, and now the company's quite bullish about her potential.

"Aloy is spirited, adventurous, and driven to figure out the challenges that she comes across in this post-apocalyptic world inhabited by machines, you really buy into her as a tribal hunter and we think that the players will really enjoy playing as her," UK product manager Jon Edwards told MCV magazine. "She's a PlayStation icon of the future."

Making new characters like Aloy stick is really hard and it's ultimately going to depend on the quality of the game, but PlayStation has been really good at introducing new stars each generation – no one knew who Joel and Ellie were five years ago after all. Aside from the iconic orange glare of the Helghast, Guerrilla Games has never really had that one character that defines the entire company – this is its big chance.