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Video: Will Gravity Rush 2 on PS4 Turn Your World Upside Down?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Claws out

If you're looking for a written Gravity Rush 2 review, then you'll find one on the other side of this magic Internet warphole. If you want a bit of commentary on Kat's latest adventure tied to a ton of spoiler-free gameplay, though, then that's embedded above. Y'see how we're covering all bases at Push Square these days.


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nhSnork said:

GR2 is on my wishlist by default, but not before I finish the first game. Even trailers suggest that out there be spoilers.



Gamer83 said:

Written reviews are always the way to go because they're more in depth, but I do enjoy the quick video reviews. Keep these coming.



nathanSF said:

I must admit, I'm tempted - by the graphics, world and the fluidity of flying and movement - and as you say, the music.

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