We haven't seen all that much of Tekken 7 running on a PlayStation 4 - or anything outside of an arcade unit for that matter - but thanks to the power of YouTube, we're able to share the latest build of the game running on Sony's console. The footage, posted by TrueTekken, is taken from the title's recent Nordic Tour.

Featuring Miguel and Lee fighting it out over two newly added stages, this is our most up-to-date look at Tekken 7. There's no Kuma or Panda so we know that it's not the complete version, but it at least looks close to being finished. It's also worth noting that the load times - which were previously very lengthy - are seemingly far more reasonable.

We're supposed to be getting a confirmed PS4 release date at some point this week, but are you excited for Tekken 7? How do you think it looks? Connect with a rage art in the comments section below.

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