Shuhei Yoshida PS4 PlayStation 4 1

January may be almost over, but we're still very much at the start of a new year, and Sony chief Shuhei Yoshida has spent it hanging out with PlayStation's many first-party teams. After a slew of random dinner pics, the gaffer posted on Twitter yesterday: "Great meetings with the US and European Worldwide Studios teams for the last two weeks. Now I'm so excited to go home, see family, and play Resident Evil 7 in VR."

Yoshida's most likely been getting updates from the platform holder's various teams on the progress of their projects. It's also likely that the firm's starting to put together preliminary plans for E3 2017, which – whisper it – is now only a few months away. We wonder which unreleased games the executive has been playing over the past couple of weeks. God of War? Dreams? Maybe even something from Sucker Punch?

The mind boggles.