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Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya Promises to Keep Delivering Fun Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

Rubbishes mental health reports

For those of you who don't follow the news cycle outside of the PlayStation Nation [It's time to stop using that phrase – Ed], Xbox One exclusive Scalebound was cancelled this week. It was billed as legendary director Hideki Kamiya's "dream game", and considering the veteran was the brainchild behind some big names like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, that was promising news.

But the game never looked particularly good during gameplay demonstrations, and Microsoft decided to pull the plug on the release, leaving developer Platinum Games to search for new projects. Writing on Twitter, Kamiya has rubbished reports that he's been suffering from mental health problems, and has said that he's committed to delivering "fun games" in the future.

He wrote defiantly: "I'll work extra hard to never have to let you down like this again, so I hope you will keep watching over us in the future." It's probably safe to assume that whatever he does next has a good chance of appearing on the PlayStation 4, particularly after this saga.

Platinum Games is currently wrapping up production on NieR Automata and working on Granblue Fantasy: Project Re: Link – both for Sony's new-gen system. Is there anything in particular you'd like to come out of the studio next? Summon a big dragon in the comments section below.


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SoulsBourne128 said:

What I want is a Sony licensed Platnium Games' PS4 exclusive. Nier Automata looks great but it still a "timed" exclusive, while we still don't know if Grandblue Fantasy will ever make it to the west. Maybe it will if PG decides or maybe with the help of other devs to localize it like Square or NISA or such but only time will tell.



BAMozzy said:

Yet he and a lot of other high-up developers took a month off due to the stress and pressure making Scalebound was causing. Personally I though the game looked great but the last 'co-op' showing wasn't appealing to me. For an open world game, that sequence was very closed off and slow too but the Single player demo looked great - not perfect in terms of performance but no worse than other 'in development' games have appeared.

It 'was' my most anticipated Xbox exclusive for the near future. Granted I was looking forward to Horizon ZD a lot more but this still had a lot of potential and a lot more appealing than Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay and Halo Wars 2 - A LOT more appealing!

I just hope that whilst 'Scalebound' maybe over, va lot of it can be salvaged and re-used.



sinalefa said:

W101 Part 2 please. Vanquish wasn't even a Kamiya game, but still a great game.



Splat said:

If this happened to Horizon I would be devastated. I'm a Sony guy but really sucks for MS fans.



RedMageLanakyn said:

@PlaytendoGuy I wouldn't get too excited, you might see a Bayo 2/devastation remaster but that's it. As clearly evidenced by the cancellation of scalebound, this small studio is stretching themselves too thin as it is, so I doubt they'll have anything new for the switch for a couple years. If third parties stick around that long....



RedMageLanakyn said:

@get2sammyb Right, but how many of them are working on Nier to get it polished up for release? I think they bit off more than they could chew by working on two AAA titles at once, not to mention whatever else they have in the works. I've always looked at Platinum as a smaller studio just based on the games they've put out, they tend to stick to the same formula. It's great they're trying to branch out and do bigger things, but at the same time I think they got too ambitious with scalebound and wasted too much of MS' money and time.



wiiware said:

@BAMozzy Change the lead guy, throw away the coop, and make yoko taro build the story, you've got a drakengard 4 for squareenix

The guy at vg247 say the game that he play on the private demo is more exciting compared to demo that played on microsoft stage, its like scalebound is a clash of the dream game that kamiya want to make and a coop multiplayer game that microsoft want.



mmarkster said:

If anything, that just gives an opportunity for this game to come to PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.



shonenjump86 said:

Sucks that Scalebound got cancelled, I thought it looked pretty good. The main character kinda got on my nerves though. Well anyways, how about a Bayonetta 3?



BAMozzy said:

@JoeBlogs What about it? Another 80's style side scrolling platformer/shooter albeit with a 1930's cartoon animation style aesthetic. The visuals may well be nostalgic and reminiscent of our childhood growing up watching cartoons but the gameplay looks very simplistic and old school too. Visually its impressive to see a faithful recreation of 1930's cartoon style and something we haven't seen before but the game play itself wouldn't feel out of place on a 8/16bit era console and NOT something I would play today. I am not being taken in by the aesthetics.

Limbo used 'shadow puppet' style animation but the game-play was very basic and old-school too. I can appreciate these games artistically and aesthetically but I don't enjoy the game-play anymore - I outgrew these in the 80's and by the 90's, 3D gaming offered so much more.

As poor as the co-op demo was for Scalebound, it still looked more exciting and interesting than Cuphead to play. Scalebounds previous Demo, the SP combat though eclipsed most of 2017's games for me. Yes the combat may not have been totally original but having a Dragon to help and build up a relationship with, earn XP and evolve was far more appealing than a side scrolling 2D run and gun platformer! The world looked far more interesting to spend time in, fly around on the back of a dragon exploring etc too.



JoeBlogs said:

Generally speaking I agree with you. There's nothing amazingly original about Cuphead apart from the stunning visuals. However, I really used to like that kind of game and I also really love old cartoons. Not worth buying an Xbox for, but it looks cool to me.

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