eliza tekken 7.png

Okay, who remembers Eliza, the very-anime vampire from free-to-play title Tekken Revolution? Boasting projectile attacks and a crazy look, she was something of a divisive addition to the character roster, but despite her odd nature, it looks like she's returning in Tekken 7 - but only if you nab the so-called deluxe edition.

Spotted on GamesPlanet, an online UK retailer, the deluxe edition will apparently come with two bonus characters - one of them being Eliza - a new game mode, and a load of extra costumes. It all seems plausible to us, especially since the brawler is finally getting a PlayStation 4 release date at some point this week. With that in mind, we'll likely know the full story in just a few days.

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Update: Eliza is indeed returning in Tekken 7, but only if you pre-order. The title now has a confirmed release date on PlayStation 4, which you can read about through here.

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