Jeez, the Tekken 7 rumour train has really left the station today. Hot on the heels of a supposed deluxe edition that features the return of vampire fighter Eliza, Amazon may have just leaked the game's release date, which is being officially announced at some point this week.

The retailer currently has a page for the title's collector's edition, which apparently includes a Kazuya and Heihachi figurine, the soundtrack, a steel book case, and the game itself. The package is pegged with a 2nd June release date. Not quite early 2017, but a summer launch gives the development team plenty of time to polish its product. In any case, this all seems pretty legit to us, and we have to imagine that official confirmation is coming our way very, very soon.

Have you had enough Tekken news for one day? Await the inevitable announcement in the comments section below.

Update: Bandai Namco has since confirmed that Tekken 7 is indeed launching on the 2nd June. You can find the full announcement, complete with new trailer, through here.

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