Resident Evil 7 is a stunning game. Running at a near locked 60 frames-per-second, the release has some ridiculously good lighting, which makes its Louisiana setting sing on the PlayStation 4. But the title's also making use of the PS4 Pro in some pretty positive ways, as this comparison between the two versions demonstrates.

You'll notice that of the two versions, Sony's newer hardware adds an extra level of clarity to each and every repulsive scene. This boost in image quality is particularly noticeable in 4K, but you'll also get a much cleaner experience in PlayStation VR if you happen to own the upgraded console.

What this video doesn't show, however, is the HDR support available for both formats, which really elevates the already exceptional lighting to another level. Will you be playing this game on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PlayStation VR? Make a difficult decision in the comments section below.