Eliza caused a bit of a stir when she was originally plopped into free-to-play PlayStation 3 title Tekken Revolution. A vampire who has access to a few long-range attacks and a series of not-typically-Tekken moves, many players thought that she was just a touch too anime for the property - and to be fair, she does sort of stand out, even as part of a playable roster that includes an actual bear.

Love her or hate her, though, Eliza is back in Tekken 7 as a pre-order bonus character. Her return was confirmed earlier in the week when the current-gen brawler got a release date, and now she's nabbed a full character trailer, which we've embedded above.

What do you think of Eliza? Is she your kind of character, or is her inclusion Tekken the p*ss? Don't nod off in the comments section below.