Popular adult website Porn Hub has posted its annual traffic statistics, revealing what we already know: PlayStation 4 owners are the biggest w*nkers in gaming. Sony's new-gen console drove the most traffic to the titillating hotspot in 2016, commanding over 50 per cent of the page views generated by games consoles. Its share was up 13 per cent year-over-year.

Amazingly, despite nearing the end of its life, the PlayStation Vita still managed to drive one per cent of the traffic, proving that portables still have a place when you crave a cheeky tug under the sheets. However, the number of page views generated on the Vita were down 38 per cent year-over-year, reinforcing the notion that people are starting to move away from the machine.

Incredibly, first-person shooter Overwatch was one of the most popular search terms on the website, ranking above buzzwords like 'threesome', 'scissoring', and – apologies for getting a little too crude, but this is unbelievable – 'anal'. There are tons more stats on the site, but we're going to refrain from linking here; you know where to find them.