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As we settle in for Christmas, and with Tarrant on holiday, Push Square's two biggest miseries talk Final Fantasy's best protagonist and Push Square's Final Fantasy XV review. Indie Bin is Housemarque's Alienation, but how does it stack up to the excellent Resogun?

Following that, we have a little natter about what we've both been playing of late and then we round off the show, as always, with the great questions asked by you guys in our forum thread. We love chatting with you and hearing your feedback about the 'cast, so please feel free to drop a comment in the forum thread, in the comments section below, or by emailing us at our fancy pants email: [email protected].

We've also finally set up a Twitter account (@pushsquarepod) for the podcast, where we share silly GIFs, decide what the best kind of biscuit is, and all kinds of other Sheninigwans. We'd really love it if you could give that a follow!

Show Notes

  • News: 03:07
  • Who Is the Best Final Fantasy Protagonist: 23:28
  • Final Fantasy XV: 33:15
  • Alienation: 44:58
  • WAYP - 51:06
  • Audience Questions: 54:29

Your Hosts

Ben Potter

Twitter: @Confused_Dude

Having twice been admitted to a clinic for Platinum addiction, Ben frequently collects the most reprehensible Trophies that PSN has to offer.

Robert Ramsey

Filling in for Tarrant, Ramsey - or King Weeb as he's known around these parts - brings something a little different to the podcast. Namely a geordie accent.

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