'Tis the season to spend money. God, that's really freakin' cynical, isn't it? It's also probably not the best way to kickstart our shameless article in which we peddle PlayStation gifts in the hope that you'll click through and earn us a bit of commission. Wait a minute, are we writing all this down? Bloody hell!

Seriously, though, it's been a genuinely massive year for PlayStation, and there's so much stuff to buy we could have created an article approximately twelve times the size of this one. Instead, we just decided to focus on the pick of the crop.

As you probably noticed from the headline, these are gift ideas for our UK based readers. Click here for our US PlayStation gift guide.

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Accessories » PS4 Accessories

Clothing » Clothing

Other » Arts and Crafts

Other » Books

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Are you buying any PlayStation themed gifts this Christmas for you or perhaps a significant other? Enter your credit card details in the comments section below. (Don't actually do that. It's just, like, a joke.)