With the winter holidays fast approaching, it's safe to say that a lot of people are looking forward to chilling out and spending some time with their families - or, you know, spending their time playing video games. Whichever. But we're sat here looking even further into the future - our gaze has slowly but surely moving towards Valentine's Day 2017, and not just because we'll be partaking in the hottest of dates [ahem - Ed.]. Instead, we're transfixed with the 14th February because that's the day we'll be able to get our grubby hands on Persona 5.

Now, we don't like to say that certain games are going to be great before they even come out. We might say that they've got potential or that they look especially promising, but we're never going to demand that you get all excited for something that we haven't even played yet. But with Persona 5, given the series' history and what we've seen of the Japanese version... well, let's just say that we're pretty darn confident in its quality.

We'll be tuning in to Atlus' live gameplay stream, then, which will broadcast today. The stream begins at 12:00PM PST / 17:00PM EST / 20:00PM GMT, and we imagine that it'll last for around an hour or two. Will you be joining us? Don your mask and disappear into the comments section below.