The Witness PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The Witness will be one of the many titles updated for free on the PlayStation 4 Pro – and contrary to common misconception, you'll get a better experience whichever television you own. Jonathon Blow explained on the game's official website that those with 4K televisions will be able to enjoy the game at 1440p or higher, with the user interface rendered in full Ultra High-Definition. The smooth 60 frames-per-second of the base game will be maintained.

Those playing on 1080p televisions will unlock improvements as well. On a standard HD panel, the resolution of the game will be upped from 900p to 1080p, while the quality of the antialiasing will be significantly increased, improving the overall cleanliness of the visuals. Blow is also considering other improvements, like increased streaming distance for higher quality meshes, which basically means that faraway objects will look better. Again, all at 60 frames-per-second.

In fact, the Braid creator seems pretty hyped about the potential for the new console, and is also exploring high-dynamic range support, which was patched into all PS4s as part of today's firmware update. Good news, then – and look at that, tangible PS4 Pro benefits for people with 1080p and 4K televisions. It's almost like this new console will benefit people who don't want to upgrade their screen or something