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There's a lot riding on Nuka World, Fallout 4's final piece of downloadable content. Boasting a whole new area to explore, it's only the game's second expansion in the traditional sense of the word, with the add-on priced at around $20 if you don't own the title's season pass.

Bethesda has crafted plenty of great expansions in the past, so naturally, fans are hoping that Nuka World can help Fallout 4 finish its post-launch life on a positive note. It's probably a good job, then, that the publisher revealed the DLC's official trailer earlier today.

While certainly not the longest video, the clip's full of detail, showcasing everything from new equipment to fresh gameplay mechanics. As such, we've put together this list of ten things that the trailer tells us, hopefully shedding some light on what we can expect from Nuka World.

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Check out that new gear

New weapons and armour appear throughout the trailer, and although there isn't anything that grabbed our attention in particular, it's clear that a decent amount of fresh loot's being added. There appears to be a ton of new Raider-specific gear, for example, ranging from pretty standard looking armour pieces to relatively elaborate masks and helmets.

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Yep, settlements are still here

After so many workshop add-ons, we can't blame anyone for being a bit sick of settlements in Fallout 4. Sadly, those who hate on Preston and his hordes of unwashed wastelanders won't be escaping the somewhat divisive system in Nuka World. Near the end of the trailer, we're shown what looks like a small settlement that can be built around a Red Rocket gas station. Whether settlements will actually play a large role in the DLC is totally up for debate, however.

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Minigames? Maybe

For just a few seconds, the trailer gives us a brief glimpse of potential minigames. There's a shooting range, a whack-a-mole-style machine, and one of those things where you have to throw balls into holes to score points. Obviously, having little activities like this makes sense given the expansion's theme park setting, but we're not totally convinced that these will be fully fleshed-out minigames. It could well be that they're just daft bits and pieces that you can mess around with, or perhaps even build via the settlement menu.

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Taken for a ride

Again, being an amusement park, you'd perhaps expect rides to feature in Nuka World. The trailer confirms that you'll at least be able to enjoy a trip on a roller coaster, and various attractions - such as the merry-go-round that can be spotted early in the video - still look functional to some extent. However, it's not just rides that you'll be, er, riding on. If you look close enough, you'll notice that you'll also be able to hop into some sort of tram-like vehicle. Maybe this is a convenient way to get around the park?

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More diverse environments

Nuka World is split up into multiple parts, it seems. Areas appear to be defined by particular theme park attractions, which should make for a nice change of pace. Environmental diversity is perhaps something that's lacking in Fallout 4, and although we understand that there's only so much you can do with a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it'll be interesting to see how much variety the expansion offers. Judging by the trailer, there'll be plenty of locations to discover and explore.

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Is that a Deathclaw crocodile?

It definitely looks like one, doesn't it? Or maybe it's an alligator - we don't know. In any case, the trailer shows off a bunch of new beasties, some of which may well be exclusive to the park's safari zone. There appear to be water buffalo Brahmin, pesky swarms of flying ants, big locust-like insects that leap towards you, and even burrowing worm things. Having a few more mutants to eviscerate is never a bad thing.

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That looks a lot like a slave collar

Did you ever enslave inhabitants of the wasteland and sell them off for a tidy profit in Fallout 3? If so, this particular spot may be right up your alley. There's a very brief point in the trailer where we can see two Raiders standing next to a woman in rags with what looks to be a slave collar around her neck. For those out of the loop, slave collars explode when the wearer tries to escape - think Battle Royale without the school uniforms. Does this mean that we'll be able to enslave innocent wastelanders? We kind of hope so.

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King of the Raiders

When Nuka World was first announced, the add-on's Steam description mentioned conquering settlements as a Raider leader. The trailer seems to confirm this, as we see the player character storming Sanctuary alongside a group of baddies. Raiders are prevalent throughout the video, and going by the flag that the player plants in Sanctuary near the end, there'll be different Raider clans that you can be a part of.

We have to imagine that dealing with the various Raider factions will be a central part of the DLC, but if we're able to travel back to the Commonwealth with an army of psychos in tow, then Nuka World may make Fallout 4's world even more dynamic than it already is.

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Alien life

Did we spy some little green men in the latter half of this trailer? We most certainly did, and we're not talking about surprisingly small Super Mutants. Complete with alien blasters, you can eye two extraterrestrials around the 1:17 mark. It's unclear whether aliens will actually play a role in Nuka World's plot, but we could definitely see them being part of an especially weird side quest. Hopefully this means that we'll be able to get our grubby hands on more alien weaponry, too.

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Step into the arena

Given that Raiders are so central to Nuka World, it'd make sense for the theme park to feature a brutal fighting arena. Ever since players discovered the Combat Zone in the main game, we've been itching for a proper post-apocalyptic coliseum - one that we preferably don't have to build ourselves - and this seems like the perfect opportunity to incorporate one.

Around the 1:20 mark, we see a non-playable character kitted out in electrified power armour, and they appear to be standing inside of some sort of arena, complete with spotlights and a viewing area off to the left. It's not absolute proof, but like we say, it's something that would definitely make sense.

And there you have it - ten rad things that we spotted in Fallout 4: Nuka World's official trailer. Did we miss anything? Feel free to educate us in the comments section below.