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In Persona 4 Golden, Atlus introduced a difficulty setting know as 'Safety'. Sitting below Easy, Safety essentially ensured that anyone could enjoy the release without having to worry about getting a Game Over screen. Characters would revive automatically if their health hit zero in combat, enemies were significantly weakened, and you'd collect experience points at a much, much faster rate. Some may say that such a difficulty level takes the fun out of things, but we often think that players should be able to enjoy their purchase however they want.

Good news if you're a big fan of the social side of the series and don't want to get stuck into some hardcore grinding sessions, then, as the Safety setting is making a return in Persona 5. It'll exist alongside the standard Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels, and was confirmed in the title's latest gameplay video, which you can watch through here.

How do you prefer to play Persona? Do you take things easy, or do you love a good challenge? Stay safe in the comments section below.

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