Normal service has resumed on Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter account, after it was hacked earlier today by a group of ne'erdowells. The cheerful chap didn't seem to be too bothered by the infiltration, though, as he spent his afternoon supping wine and scoffing snails in the idyllic French city of Montpelier. The jammy so-and-so.

Yoshida's been travelling North America and Europe for the past few days, and appears to be checking up on the progress of some first-party games. Today's leg of the journey took him to Michel Ancel's Wild Sheep Studio, which is of course working on the massively promising animal-'em-up WILD. We wonder how it's coming together!

Presumably the suit will be off to Quantic Dream in Paris next before heading home, but now that he's got his Twitter account back, we won't need to speculate – he's always kind enough to upload a travel log, after all. Sigh! We wished we got to tour the world and call it "work". Then again, we do spend most of our time playing games.