gal gun double peace.jpg

Gal Gun: Double Peace is out next month on PlayStation 4 and Vita, so it's about time that we got an English trailer. Lo and behold, the localised video is here, and it's just about as not safe for work as you'd expect.

The best part, though, are the little comments that pop up throughout the clip. You'll see absolute corkers such as "Prepare your bodies!", "Bring EUPHORIA to the masses!", "Touch and rub your way to success!", and "Super-kawaii shooting action straight from the heart!" Heck, there's even "Choose your waifu!" and "Who's best girl?"

To be fair, the whole thing's pretty informative, and it's got plenty of gameplay footage - once you've given it a watch you should at least get the gist of what the unorthodox shooter is all about, for better or worse.

So, dare we ask if this one's on your wishlist? Show your love in the comments section below.