It's been a while since we posted some desperate Mass Effect: Andromeda news, so we thought we'd go ahead and share some shiny new renders of the game's main character, who's apparently called Pathfinder.

While the renders provide our best look yet at the protagonist, the design comes as no surprise whatsoever, seeing as we've already seen him pictured in just about every Andromeda news article since the title's only trailer was revealed last year at E3.

Snark aside, we reckon that it fits the bill as far as next-gen Mass Effect space armour goes, and we especially like the little stylish padded collar thing. We bet that it's all the rage out there in the next galaxy.

So, what do you think of Pathfinder's N7 armour? Are you happy that the main character's human, or would you have liked to choose your own race? Hit the nearest relay and zoom straight into the comments section below.