odin sphere west.jpg

Regular readers will know all too well that we're massive fans of George Kamitani's artwork. The man behind the art styles of Muramasa Rebirth and Dragon's Crown has a knack for creating some incredible looking characters and worlds, so it's no surprise that Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, a PlayStation 2 title that's been remastered and improved for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, is looking gorgeous on Sony's latest console.

The action role playing game's newest English PS4 trailer gives us a look at its playable cast and the systems that you can utilise to make them more powerful. All in all, it's looking like one heck of a good time, even if the spoken dialogue seems a tad overdone in this particular video. Leifthrasir is to release on the 7th June in North America, and is due at some point later this year in Europe.