Christmas Presents Talking Point Push Square

It's Christmas Eve – actually, it's just gone midnight – and we don't have long to write this article, so you'll forgive us for excreting it out at the very last minute. But, we've written all of our Game of the Year stuff – keep reading the site over the coming week – and it's taken a lot of time. So, sorry this final piece of the puzzle is rushed, but that's the way it has to be. God, we're rambling.

Basically, we wanted to put up an article where you could share your Christmas presents – if you were lucky enough to receive any – with the rest of the community. Post some photos if you can, or just list out your haul below. Just remember, that 25th December isn't all about the gifts that you receive, but also about the pressies that you give. But we only want to know about what you got in the comments section. Obvs.