Platinum Games know how to put together a flashy trailer, and while this video captured by DualShockers direct from the Paris Games Week 2015 show floor takes a while to get going – well, stick around until the 3:20 mark and you will be rewarded. We get a decent look at PlayStation 4 exclusive NieR Automata in action – and while it's clearly early, we reckon that it's already looking promising.

The gameplay appears to be based upon the Japanese developer's pre-existing blueprint, but with no Bayonetta or new Devil May Cry on Sony's system, we could sure go for some frenetic third-person action. The final release will run at 60 frames-per-second and will include role-playing mechanics as well. Who's in? We're in.

Update (12:45PM BST): Swapped out the video for better quality. You also don't need to skip forward now.