Sony has, rightfully, pumped the brakes on its No Man's Sky public relations campaign of late. There was a period earlier in the year where the title was popping up everywhere, but it's been a couple of months since we've heard anything about the game. And, as the old adage goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder – because this Stephen Colbert showing has got us hyped.

It's a really good demonstration actually, pandering to The Late Show's more mainstream audience, while still illustrating what makes the release special. Sean Murray is as adorably awkward as ever, but seems to be getting used to appearing on stage and television now. And the game just looks great: vast, vibrant, and utterly intriguing. There's still no release date, but hopefully it's not far off.

If this appearance is anything to go by, though, expect Sony to market the absolute hell out of this release when it does eventually arrive. Are there any "indie" titles that have attained TV spots before? We ask because we'd bank on this getting one.