Telltale's largely forgotten adaptation of Back to the Future appears to be riding shotgun in a snazzy silver DeLorean to the PlayStation 4. A product page for the episodic escapade – which originally deployed on the PlayStation 3 four years ago – popped up on Amazon overnight, alongside some mock-up box art. The cover includes a reference to the franchise's 30th Anniversary, while the description mentions the addition of a Behind the Scenes video with the game's makers.

Assuming that the listing is accurate, the title will release on 13th October for the budget price of $19.99. The original movie, of course, hit the silver screens back in December 1985 – three years before this author was even born. Hands up if you're feeling old yet.

The game itself picks up after the events of Back to the Future Part III, and fits the mould of more traditional Telltale titles, where you're solving simple point-'n'-click puzzles to progress. Will you be taking the tour through time to give this a try? Show us your crazy kicks in the comments section below.