Many of you will know that caps are the main currency in the Fallout franchise. Unfortunately, these can't be exchanged for goods in the real world – well, unless you happen to be a super fan with a plan. One Imgur user going by the name of GatorMacheteJr explained that he's been collecting bottle caps since playing Fallout 3 in 2008. He ended up with about 5kg of them, and decided to send them to Bethesda alongside a cheeky note explaining that they ought to cover the cost of Fallout 4.

Amazingly, the publisher received the package and decided to honour it, explaining that he'd be receiving a 'free' copy of the game this November. To be honest, we should darn well hope so, too – all of that beer must have cost an absolute fortune, not to mention the price of shipping the caps across the country. Still, this is pretty good public relations for the firm, isn't it? We doubt that it could have planned a better promotional campaign if it tried.