Bloodborne PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Bloodborne took this author 40 hours to beat with a DualShock 4; one crazy Twitch streamer has completed it in nine hours with a Guitar Hero controller. You're free to feel a mixture of admiration and jealousy – personally, we feel sick to the very pits of our stomachs. You can view the full archived playthrough through here if you don't believe us.

Just watching the video feed from the Shadows of Yharnam boss embedded below, we're not entirely sure how he's pulling this off. Indeed, the controls are ridiculously complex: he's using the position of the guitar to simulate the left analogue stick, and the pick-up switcher to control the camera. Do you want to know what makes it worse, though? He's somehow finding the time to interact with his Twitch viewers while simultaneously playing the game in the most obtuse of manners.

Some people, huh?