Bloodborne PS4 Easy

Bloodborne is a tough game, right? Merciless environments, tricky enemies, and some of the most memorably dangerous boss fights on the PlayStation 4. But what if you could make every single boss forget that they're supposed to be killing you? Seemingly, the latest bug discovered in From Software's latest Sony exclusive does just that.

Explained in-depth throughout this Reddit thread, it's stated that if the PS4 console is left running the release for extended periods of time (upwards of twelve hours, at an estimate), memory issues will cause bosses to completely avoid using the majority of their abilities, opting instead for offensives that could easily be stamped out by a toddler.

"Blood-Starved Beast stops jumping all over the room and doing multi-hit combos and just politely spams his side-swipe, Amelia stops healing, One Reborn stops pooping acid – every boss changes in some way and ultimately becomes much easier," states user Meatballz, providing video proof of a late game boss fight to help substantiate their claims.

Dozens of additional users pitched in with their experiences, the majority claiming to have experienced similar issues after leaving their consoles running for too long. The moral of the story? Let your PlayStation cool down every now and then, or experience the most disappointing edition of Bloodborne on easy.