Don't worry – one-time Kickstarter curio Blood Sport is not plotting a comeback. Making us queasy this time is PlayStation Denmark's honourable blood donor drive, which it's cunningly tying in to the release of Bloodborne next week. Essentially in response to a real dearth of crimson in the country, the platform holder will be offering anyone that gives blood a chance to win From Software's forthcoming foray.

You'll need to roll a dice to see whether you net the title, but there'll be other PlayStation related prizes up for grabs, so this sounds like a positive all around – unless you win Knack, of course. There'll be a Bloodborne-themed PS4 also up for grabs, which will represent the initiative's grand prize. If it looks anything like the one through here, tell the doctors that they can take one of our kidneys, too.

Seriously, though, as long as this is all run safely, then it sounds like a really worthwhile promotion. And, while it is ultimately all marketing, it's not often that we get to say that. If you want to participate, then you'll need to visit the IT University in Copenhagen between 12:00PM and 17:00PM local time. And remember, even if there may not always be free games on offer, you can give blood at any time – just ask your doctor for more details.