Sony's exceptional PlayStation 4 lineup in Japan is now wrapping up, but it sounds like Bloodborne's sending it out with a bang. The next-gen system's been top-dog in the Land of the Rising Sun for several weeks now, due to a staggering lineup which has included Yakuza Zero, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and Dragon Quest Heroes.

Things start to calm down again looking forward, but the Japanese giant will be hoping that From Software's critically acclaimed foray gives its system another shot of momentum first. And the early signs are looking good, as Shuhei Yoshida noted on Twitter overnight that the title's already selling out in some Tokyo stores.

Of course, it's unclear how many shops the Worldwide Studios president visited – or how many copies the platform holder shipped in the first place. Still, while the title's success certainly isn't guaranteed, we get the sneaking suspicion that it's going to do pretty well for itself. Put on your Michael Pachter hat, and tell us how many units you think it's going to sell globally in its first week.