PlayStation 4 sales are already exceptional around the globe, but we get the sneaking suspicion that Sony may be rubbing its hands a little more than usual right now. The system's certainly been excelling on all fronts since launch, but one recent criticism pointed at the console revolved around the dearth of must-own exclusives in its library. Never fear, though, for Bloodborne is here.

According to Metacritic data, this is the best rated exclusive on the PS4 so far, as long as you exclude The Last of Us Remastered from the equation. But why not get the best of both worlds, as is currently selling a next-gen bundle featuring From Software's punishing escapade alongside Naughty Dog's loving remaster for $434.99.

Seeing as the vanilla system retails for around $399.99, that means that you're getting Bloodborne for just over half-price, which seems fairly attractive to us. We're sure that this package is going to sell out pretty fast, so if you're interested, make sure that you Add to Basket now. Is this the kind of offer that you've been waiting for? Let us know down below.