You're going to need all of the time that you can get with Bloodborne next week – especially with those terrifying loading screens. As such, it's nice that Sony's deployed the pre-load ahead of the title's 24th March launch, with enthusiastic consumers in North America noting that the release is being downloaded to their hard drive as we speak. There's nothing in Europe just yet, sadly.

The initial download is about 5.04GB, but you'll need to pull down around 30GB more in order to gain access to the full game. There'll be a day one patch, too, which promises "game performance and usability improvements". Hopefully that fixes the aforementioned loading issues – but we're told that there's already a 3GB update available for the game, and it still takes an age to get you back into the action.

All will be revealed next week anyway, when From Software's latest foray finally arrives. Are you picking up Bloodborne physically or digitally? Try not to die in the comments section below.