As a racing simulator, you're probably expecting Project CARS to be all about lap times and little more – but the game's looking like it's going to have a pretty impressive campaign mode. Inspired by sports titles – but informed by years of racing game releases – you'll be able to tune your career to your tastes. This means that you'll be able to start from the very bottom and work your way up – or jump straight into the top-tier vehicles if you haven't got time for all of the fluff.

There'll be various goals for you to complete along the way, and all of these will give the single player mode some structure. However, it seems like you'll be able to customise everything to your tastes; if you can't be bothered with practice sessions, then you can just simulate them and so on. And if all of that's not good enough, we're quite taken with the interface, which has clearly been conceived by some top notch graphic designers. This could be one to watch.