Media Molecule's papery Vita port Tearaway Unfolded may be its only officially announced PlayStation 4 project, but it's been busy working on a second title ever since the release of LittleBigPlanet 2 some time ago. Despite the updated edition's imminent release date, though, Iota's escapade has always been the output of a splinter team, with the bulk of the British studio busy working on other ideas.

And it looks like we may finally get our first glimpse at its second title this year, as creative director Mark Healey has teased that the reveal of the studio's new "game" is one of his targets for 2015. By the way, those speech marks were present in his original tweet, so you should probably expect this to be something a little out of the ordinary. Indeed, at Sony's big PlayStation Meeting press conference almost two years ago, the developer debuted a PlayStation Move powered puppet show, so don't anticipate a traditional game.

In a selection of earlier tweets from the industry veteran, Healey said: "Looking at screens from MM's other project. Can't believe the beauty. Never seen anything like this before. The silence is killing me." And in another, he added that finally revealing the mysterious release is "going to be a dream come true". What the heck is the Guildford-based outfit up to, then? All we really know is that it blew Shuhei Yoshida's mind when he saw it last summer.

Project Morpheus, perhaps?