During a recent investor call, publisher Take-Two's CEO declared that he "wouldn't rule anything out", regarding a possible HD collection of Grand Theft Auto titles.

"Our labels are driven by the desire to delight consumers and pursue their creative passions, and that's been a formula that's worked extraordinarily well for this company," Strauss Zelnick stated, responding to a question about re-releasing the franchise's older titles. He continues: "Our job around here is to make sure that consumers are thrilled; to deliver the very best titles in the marketplace and to make sure that for the top creative talent industry that this is the number one place to work." Needless to say, we're sure many of you would be thrilled with the announcement of a Grand Theft Auto HD collection.

Of course, this would be another fantastic way for the publisher to essentially print money, but would you jump back into some older GTA action? Plead with your wallet in the comments section below.

[source gamespot.com]