Resident Evil Movie TV

Remember those live-action Resident Evil movies? Well, they’re still being made – and now there are plans for a television series to debut following the release of the sixth (and, allegedly, final) cinematic flick. Resident Evil: The Last Chapter is currently being written, and will see all of the franchise's ‘famous’ faces – Jill Valentine! Leon Kennedy! Albert Wesker! Claire Redfield! Ada Wong! – reunited for the ride. Oh, and Milla Jovovich’s character, Alice, will be there as well, of course.

It’s unclear which of the above personalities will make it into the TV show, if any manage the jump at all. In fact, with so much work to be done on the upcoming movie, this sounds like something of a pipedream at the moment. Should it get the go ahead, though, German production company Constantin Films will take the reins. Honestly, we find the films a bit of a guilty pleasure, so there could be some mindless entertainment in a weekly show. The only problem is that zombies are so overplayed at this point.

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