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You'll Need Friends to Tackle PS4 Shooter Destiny's Three Hour Missions

Posted by Sammy Barker

Loners not allowed

Bungie’s somehow managed to peeve its playerbase for the second time in seven days, announcing that Destiny’s end game raids will not be playable unless you have five available friends. The firm recently irked fans by confirming that there’ll only be four locations in the game, with more to follow as downloadable content – but now the company’s admitted that it’ll be impossible to team up with strangers in order to tackle its end game missions.

“It's a bit of a risk,” understated a nonchalant Luke Smith in an interview with IGN, where he also described the raids as “one of the pillars” of the upcoming game. “The activity requires you to have a group of five other friends to play with.” Much like end game objectives in MMOs such as World of Warcraft, these missions are designed to push your skills to their absolute limits – and that’s why they’re restricted to friends. In fact, it’s suggested that some tasks will take up to three hours to complete.

Considering that one of this scribe's biggest issues with the intergalactic escapade’s beta was its emphasis on bullet sponge enemy types, you can safely assume that this editor is rolling his eyes right now. Still, the developer promises that there will be a Normal mode that won’t be quite as difficult to complete – it’s the Hard mode that will test your abilities. “It's very much a team-building exercise,” Smith explained on NeoGAF.

However, whether the developer changes its stance on matchmaking remains to be seen. “I understand everyone's frustration about the decision to not have matchmaking in a post-matchmaking world,” the employee added. “I also understand the limitations that this places on the activity's adoption at scale. [But] that barrier to entry is a barrier that I was willing to erect to preserve the activity’s goals.”

You better start making friends, then – and pronto.


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FullbringIchigo said:

oh great so I won't be able to finish the game then, well no point in me getting it now (before anyone says anything most of my friend don't have a PS4 yet and ain't planing too untill next year sometime)



get2sammyb said:

@FullbringIchigo Pretty much. I 100 per cent understand what they're trying to do here, but they're deluded if they think that everyone's going to have five friends on tap all of the time.



KomrathDE said:

Ahahahahaah that's ridiculous I think that teenage gamers will be able to get 5 other people at the same time to play one game, but what about adults? I can hardly schedule eating a dinner with one other person, not to mention 1) making at least 5 other people buy PS4, 2) scheduling playing together for 3 FREAKING HOURS... It's like an eternity in adult world, I hope they get their marbles together before they loose game nation they need so much to succeed...



SteveButler2210 said:

I guess there's always going to be the option of finding some new friends to run with either in-game, or online via chatrooms. But it should be exactly that, an option, rather than a necessity. It would be interesting to see how different the numbers would have been, in terms of uptake for the beta, if all of these reveals had been made beforehand..



Munkyknuts said:

I'm a lone gamer most of the time...I have 4 PS4 owning friends on my list and 2 of them are parents and doing all the regular grown up things required in life that don't allow for sizeable gaming sessions. What is the point in my buying a game I can't finish because I choose to game alone and don't know enough people who have the luxery of owning a PS4? I'm not collecting random people to game with. I'm tired of having social gaming thrust on me....I game as an escape from people not to meet more of them.



Dodoo said:

What a crock of sh*t!

Might just make do with Far Cry 4 which tbh I'm anticipating much more than this anyway...

I actually found the Halo series really quite boring so will def check out reviews of Destiny before making a decision on it...



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Impossible to finish the game without 5 friends and stranger danger applies. I was so looking forward to this game. I guess I won't bother then. Seriously though I'm very disappointed with this. If they don't change it so you can team up with strangers then I'll never buy this game. Its beyond stupid.



dannict96 said:

Found the beta less than satisfying, and I don't know five people with PS4s... guess I'll be taking the losses of my preorder and not bothering with the game! Really disappointed with it so far.



McSterls said:

That's cool, sure I can pick up some friends in the tower who are also looking to beat these missions.



Kohaku said:

I will wait till there is a price drop, not sure if this game is perfect for a loner. Two months later the Masterchiefcollection will come out. I think that will be the XMas holiday game for me. Destiny will come next spring.



Holydiver85 said:

Wow! Guess I'm going to switch my destiny pre order to something else. The level cap was one thing, the small number of locations was a clincher and now the need for 5 friends to finish a game seals the the deal. I have two people on my friends list and am not about to start adding random people which is really no better than matching making anyway.

@Munkknuts I'm with you, it's hard enough to sit down yourself and play a game. It's hard enough to make any plans with friends now. This is exponentially more difficult. Then again I guess any games main focus is kids, who often have the luxury.



Demi_God said:

Hell yea, this is going to be freakin awesome. Well Sammy, are you even going to be ready for some 3 hour missions along with anyone else because I'm game. I can already tell this game is going to get to the point of hardcore and I welcome it with open arms.

Also, I'm 34



dgwdum said:

Push square friends don't count? Cmon guys, I'm sure people can organize raid partys on here right?



ivanmata said:

You don't have to have real friends in your list, it can be gaming buddies you find in online matches, that's what I do. I've 44 friends in my list, and I usually play with more than half of them, at least 10 of them are getting Destiny. Just play online and send lots of friend requests, then play with them regularly, that's it.



Manic7Muppet8 said:

After playing the beta, I was really looking forward to Destiny and was even considering pre-ordering... But not any more I'm afraid...

Looks like one game I can scratch off my wishlist...



Demi_God said:

This game turned from MMO to online co-op. if there was match making or they should've made this game more MMO orientated which it isn't. They made it sound like it is, but it's not. Kind of a big mistake in doing that. It doesn't matter to me though, this game is going to rock.



WebHead said:

Eh...this kinda hurt the chances of me getting it day one. I don't known..either way there's still Evolve.



ohhaime said:

Because it really takes a team of six people working together to duck behind cover and shoot at enemies who at best randomly jump around while you shoot them till you run out of ammo. ◔_◔

There goes any little interest I had left for the game. To anyone else who's disappointed by this game I'd recommend trying out Warframe if you haven't already,It has a similar feel but does a lot of things better in my opinion.



mitcHELLspawn said:

Really people ? Lol.. I swear gamers are the worst for doomsday scenarios ever. Oh that's it preorder canceled ! Haha.. first of all these are AFTER you beat the game.. for people who want something challenging to do once the game is finished... secondly, since I'm sure MOST people are in the same boat, not being able to call upon 5 friends at once that the tower will become an integral part to getting these raids going. Lots of people will go there to find people to make up a party in order to take down one of these raids... God you people need to learn to relax lol... oh and to the guy who said war frame is better than destiny... jaw drops sorry guys just gotta call it like I sees it



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@mitcHELLspawn I have two people on my friends list, half of them (1) doesn't have a ps4 and doesn't plan to anytime soon. In the tower you might bump into a couple dozen random plebs yes, to find 5 people with 3 hours to spare... not likely. At the weekends perhaps, can you rely on these 5 randoms? I may change my mind and buy the game but it won't be day one for me. Your point about these missions being after the game are fair enough so maybe a month after release it'll be worth picking up as everyone will be looking to complete these 'epic' missions.



mitcHELLspawn said:

@SimonAdebisi you kind of showed why it's still reasonable to pick up the game at launch, because you're right about a month in you will definitely see these people start to flock to the tower to try to get a raiding party together... but if you wait that long to pick it up you'll still have to beat the entire game and level your character upto 20 which I'm sure will probably take quite a bit of time.. so really I think it's absolutely nothing to worry about.. it's crazy to all of a sudden just decide to boycott a game like some people here pretty much are just because of missions you can do once the entire campaign is finished.. really the way I look at it is that it's bonus content for people who actually want to put the work in to get these things going as they're not going to be for the casual gamer... for one the enemies are going to be very difficult, two there are no way points so you have to figure out navigation all on your own, and 3 like you pointed out they're upwards of 3+ hours.. so it's not like this is a mode that is for everyday casual player anyway.. I'm sure if people are up for doing something like this that the tower will be a perfect spot to recruit the players needed. Just my opinion !



GameAce said:

One thing about MMOs, the game devs are much more dependent on player feedback. A game like Infamous you'll play for a couple weeks and then move onto another game. That kind of gaming mentality is death for an MMO. They want to get their hooks into you and keep them there for years if they can. Especially if they're a subscription service, which Destiny isn't, but you better believe they want to sell you DLC with the promise of more worlds and higher levels. So, my point is, conceivably this could change if enough players voice their displeasure.

It seems like a dumb decision to me. Sure, in some other MMOs, you'd never play with random people, because you have a lot more to lose if you die, but for a game like Destiny, it doesn't make much sense. It's also easier to make friends in an MMO on PC with a keyboard.



glassmusic said:

Aaaaaand I'm out. I was madly in love with the alpha and the beta, but I just don't have that many PSN friends. None of my IRL friends have a PS4.

Between this news and the four locations news, I'm just going to wait on this game until it's been out a while and has received a few patches and DLC packs. I'll probably also wait for a sale and save some money.



KelticDevil said:


Exactly! Being an adult, I don't have time for all that. Finding 4 other people on PSN that don't irritate the hell out of me is hard enough as it is.

Guess I can cross another game that almost made me get a PS4 off the list. My PS3 rejoices!



Mr_Reckless said:

Not trying to be a smart a** here but there are atleast 6 ppl on this comment board who just said that none of their friends have PS4s, i don't think it would be ridiculous to share some PSN IDs on here and your problem is solved. On that note i will be getting the game and anyone who wants to add me is welcome to: MayBe Reckless.



Demi_God said:

You know, for some people on here saying how they're adult and they don't have time for this and that, My god, just put your controllers down and walk out of the gaming world. it just makes me shake my head to some of you gamers out there.


I understand that people get busy, but to make a developer cater around your needs is nothing more than selfish. I'm glade they have hardcore elements in this game. Some of you I wouldn't doubt are the same people that possibly complain about Call of Duty because its' so casual, yet something that has hardcore elements comes out and some of those people still complain. ugh That's why I say, just drop the controller, you might as well quit gaming if it's come to that point in your lives. honestly now.



banacheck said:

There is no way on this earth I'm paying for the pleasure of scheduling my gaming time, and seeing as thay say it's "one of the pillars" of the end game, I highly doubt I'll be locked out of 5 minutes of content.



Mr_Reckless said:

@Demi_God PPL can't be happy man, i had more fun playing that Beta than i have playing most other full games and all i seem to see is negative stuff said about it........ i'm like c'mon ppl am i the only one who had fun playing this?



JaxonH said:

Pre order CANCELLED.

At first I was like, ok, I'll miss out on half the game because I'm not a PS Plus member, but I can live with that. At least I'll play the single player portions. And I thought maybe, just maybe, I'll grab a year of Plus and go for broke. But this? Are you friggin kidding me? You can't even play with randoms? So even if I DID subscribe, I STILL wouldn't be able to play without jumping through hoops.

I DO NOT HAVE 5 FRIENDS WITH A PS4, let alone 5 friends with a PS4 and are ALL buying Destiny and ALL have PS Plus subscriptions and ALL want to play together! And even if I did, I'm not even sure I want to pay for a year of Plus anyways. I was actually thinking about subscribing for a year just to play this game, but forget it. I'm not gonna jump through this many hoops to play one single game.

Screw this crap. I don't need it. I've got other games I can play.



Squiggle55 said:

This really makes no sense at all. I can't even understand their reasoning. What could possibly be wrong with random matchmaking? Sure you won't be nearly as successful with strangers without a headset as you would with friends you are talking to, but that's your problem not Bungie's. Why would they not allow matchmaking? That seems insane.



Tasuki said:

Wow I can tell consoles gamers from PC gamers big time with this decision. If this had been a PC game no one would be complaining, PC games have been doing this for years with MMOS, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Lord of the Rings Online just to name a few. I don't understand why people are so upset yeah you need people on your friend list but does it have to be people you actually know? Just keep you eyes on sites like Pushsquare or other game forums or heck even the Destiny forums themselves. YOu will see a bunch of "guild" recruitment threads pop up.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for years and honestly I don't know any of my guild members in RL but I have grown pretty close to some of them to consider them some of my closest friends. Heck I didn't know any of you on Pushsquare before I joined but some of you I would consider friends now.

So I don't see what all the fuse is about.



xXDestinyXx said:

I have no friends to play Destiny with. Add me IMx2BEATx4YOU. Just write Destiny gamer in a message.



xMEADx said:

I don't mind this at all, hopefully it will take a few month's to get to the end game raids so it will leave plenty of time to make IN game friends to complete these end raids. Hopefully we will get clans or guilds to make/join and making in game friends. Sounds good to me. CheeryO peeps I can't wait for this game!



xMEADx said:

I only have 1 friend with a ps4 BTW my other friends stayed with Xbox, just saying.



kingston589 said:

Im very torn about this. I will just wait for you guys to have your review up and then make my decision.



Mr_Reckless said:

@xMEADx see my above post and xXDestinyXx's. there are a lot of ppl who are really excited about this game and you are more than welcome to add me for someone to play with. i have about 8 friends IRL that i played the Beta with and we are all getting it any one on this board who wants to hit me up on PSN is more than welcome into our group.



Demi_God said:

@brandonmay601 That's pretty much it. I see no problem with hardcore parts in this game, yet people cancel their pre-orders.

Really though, don't pay attention to the negativity because even if Bungie were to fix everything to their liking, I highly doubt they would buy the game anyway. This is nothing new to the mmorpg world where people complain to their hearts content, then the developers go out of their way and give them what they want, and guess what happens? yep, those same people stop playing the game even though it was catered to them. I look at negativity in this case as anti-gaming. mainly because of what I stated above, but also if you look at how it all goes down, it's like people purposely get a group to spew a bunch of "crud" and no matter what they leave, but they try to take people with them. Misery loves company, that's all it is.



Mr_Reckless said:

@Demi_God yup, couldn't say it better myself. There are things that every game doesn't do perfectly and this will be no exception, but to completely write it off before it release i think is a mistake.......... this could be a huge flop and i may eat my words but nothing i experienced on the beta leads me to believe it won't be great. also Demi_God see my above post with my PSN ID listed......... you should hit me up



Mr_Reckless said:

@xXDestinyXx hey man tried to look you up on PSN to add you and i couldn't find you either see above post and add me or maybe a typo in your name here.

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