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You Won't Be Able to Transfer Your Destiny Beta Characters into the Full Game

Posted by Kell Andersen

No surprises here

In unsurprising, but still slightly disappointing news, Bungie has revealed that you won't be able to transfer your Destiny beta character into the full game. Speaking on the title's official website, the daring developer stated that your avatar "won’t transfer to the final version of Destiny", while also noting that "the vaults have been cleaned out, too”.

Designer Tyson Green confirmed that the wipe is mostly thanks to changes that have been made since the test finished last month. "The way that you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled," he said. "Although there’s no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the beta build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, [and] broken at worst.”

While this isn't at all unexpected, we're still a little miffed, as we grew to love our astral avatars over the course of the beta. In fact, our very own Ben Potter was so enamoured with his charming creation that he constructed a three minute video showing off his avatar's impeccable dancing skills. If you've got entirely too much spare time on your hands, you can watch that clip through here.

Are you annoyed that your character won't be transferable, or had you already assumed that you'd have to start again? Form a fireteam in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

Yeah, it's expected. That's why I stopped playing the moment I hit the level cap to be honest. I always find betas a bit weird, because I want to play them, but would also rather wait for the real thing...



ShogunRok said:

I'm glad, to be honest. I treated the beta as a test run (which it was) so I know exactly what I want to focus on in the full game.



InsaneMikeB said:

I'm really starting to be put off by Destiny. I loved the beta and couldn't wait for the full game. I'm pretty sure I've seen bungee confirm a few weeks back that you could import your character and thought that was a nice touch. Saves me losing all of those hours playing and moulding my character. Just adds to the disappointment alongside the mandatory '5 friend' matches



Demi_God said:

@InsaneMikeB Bungie has never stated that. Now, there may have been a beta or two the past 10 years, but I've never heard of developers saving characters from a beta to bring over to the real game. There is no disappointment at all in this matter because it just doesn't happen.



FullbringIchigo said:

oh well after playing the beta I found I didn't like the game that much anyway so I cancelled my pre-order so no big deal for me but for those that are getting the game it must feel like all that work they did in the beta was for nothing

I never understood why company's don't let it carry over to the full game



ThatGallantGent said:

It's expected from a game where a big part of it is the online. But aside from that I'm glad they won't transfer. I'd rather start fresh in the final product with any tweaks and changes made.



gyzer1 said:

I don't see a problem really because it was easy to reach the cap anyway and they are changing stuff so hey it was more of having fun with it anyway.



Demi_God said:

doesn't matter what they say, if anyone has participating in betas in the past, you usually never end up transfering that character over. For people that are new to betas, It's understandable, but at the same time it's meaningless.

As for me, it's a bummer that some people got turned away from this game, me on the other hand, I'm keeping my pre-order and am going to enjoy the hell out of this game. sucks for some of you guys though. lol



Tasuki said:

After playing countless betas I knew this was going to happen. If you have ever partook in a beta then you would have know that too. I can understand why some people who this is their first beta would be disappointed cause I will admit I was too when I did my first beta test.

I am pretty much the same way as @get2sammyb I just play the beta a bit just to see how the game looks but I expect changes from that to the main game. Also I don't want to be bored of it when I play it for real and be like oh I have to do this again, yawn.



banacheck said:

The No MatchMaking has put me off Destiny, to only MatchMake yourself on social forums and then schedule when you can & cannot play the game.



alphadrago5 said:

@banacheck You realize that there is still matchmaking on everything up to level 20 right?
The only thing with no matchmaking is the raid.



Swiket said:

Oh no, I will lose all... two to three hours that it took me to reach Lv 8.



Davros79 said:

Not having progress tide over from beta to final build is fine. But replaying the boring story missions to get there is not.

Bungie were foolish to include story missions in the beta IMO. I feel like i know old russia and to a lesser extent the moon, like the back of my hand already.....



Paranoimia said:

1. Why would they carry over?
2. When have they ever carried over?

I was in the SCEE Beta Tester programme for a few years, and not one game ever carried anything over from the beta to the actual release. A few gave you a small reward in the final game (Uncharted 2 gave some decals for multiplayer, for example), but nothing really meaningful - certainly nothing that gave you any day-one advantage over new players. At least, nothing that I remember.



Seanedcase said:

Doesn't bother me, cancelled my pre order yesterday, really wanted to like this game, but feel it's true potential has been nerfed so it can release on last gen Imo, It's a bit overhyped for me.



DoublezZ01 said:

Nooooo. .. my precious titan!!! Gotta restart your awesomeness! !! Oh well. ..the beta impressed me so much that I could care less snow but it is still a big shocker I was most certain that's why they had as make those accounts!



alphadrago5 said:

@Holydiver85 Raids are just one part of the game. Besides, i'm pretty confident that Bungie is gonna put in matchmaking for it anyway at some point. Maybe it'll be a day one patch, or maybe it'll come in the month after release. Either way it's not a deal breaker for me, seeing as how I have friends willing to play this game with me.



RoosterCogburn said:

Bungie and activision are all about pleasing the masses with this game. I fully expect them to patch it so there will be match making for the level 20 raids sooner rather than later. I am sure though the difficulty will require you have a competent team though, so you may want to build your own rather than match make.



Mr_Reckless said:

Wanted to build new characters anyway, but it is a little depressing that i'll be losing some of the rare gear i found.

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